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Client Success Stories

Statistics don’t lie. Not counting seminar attendees, as of year 2011, Maverick Man has seen more than 100 successful live-program clients pass through it’s doors and graduate into achieving greater success in love and life. Some have gone on to get married, some have settled into relationships. Some have gone on to live in other countries and light up the social scene in their cities, some have stayed on as Emeritus members who act as mentors to the new clients who pass through our doors.

The success culture in Maverick Man is evident. Our Alumni community is strong both online and offline. There is regular interaction between coaches, mentors and students, which helps develop a very real feeling a camaraderie. Knowing that someone has got your back and is cares about your success as well is a great motivation. This is what the Alumni Establishment provides for all our clients.

Below are just a few of the many client success stories.

Enjoy and be inspired! Who knows, YOUR success story could be up here next ;-)

March 2011 Masterclass Graduate, Glen
“Okay people, I’m sure Xavier here has already a lot of reviews on his classes but, personally, I feel that he deserves even more credit because he really cares about his students. One thing about him : he never talks much about a lot of the success he’s achieved. This is because his credbility speaks through all his students’ successes.
Believe me, Xavier is one person who actually enjoys his job. I got this feeling from him because, personally, because my class was in Manila. I’m a very broke boy, I don’t have the money to stay there, eat and have the class at the same time. Xavier offered me to live with his friend, Dan. Dan played the role of THE CHEF, so my food and lodging is provided for, at a mad cheap price.I felt like family already, looking at all the effort he went through.On to the class itself.
Non-Verbals Lesson during Maverick Man : World Domination 2010!

Xavier spent his time teaching me, even when he was exhausted and having a headache from the RIDICULOUS amount of partying (among other activities haha) that went on. Going through with me, expanding on what I already knew, asking me what I wanted out of the class the most, and coming up with a personalized method of instruction that taught me that.

While I wanted to learn much, what I wanted most was his simple yet deadly dance-floor game.

I’ve never danced well in my life. Not until I met Xavier.

We went through finding my groove, finding harmony and learning dancefloor spikes and all. Stuff that works even on girls who cannot dance, which is very common in the field.

Really learned a lot from the class. It wasn’t a long class, but the amount of information you actually have to savor is crazy.

Of course, after every class there will be the in field.

Went to a superclub in Manila. Saw how Xavier, Daniel and Val tore it up. It’s like being fed the pill from the matrix.

Everything I never thought possible played in front of my eyes. Its crazy. Girls were just going crazy over them, chasing them as they moved around the club even right until they went out. (Xavier : Watch out for The Ripple Effect story, now THAT’s crazy!)

What I love most about the in fields were also the aftermath. There would be a debrief. I’ve done some stuff in field, and my mistakes were all seen through by Xavier, Daniel and Val. They broke down what I could have done, and what I shouldn’t have done.

Massive learning.

2nd day.

Class wasn’t carried out by Xavier, but another instructor. Learned a lot more things there again.

In field, this time, I was the one doing stuff. I feel proud of myself, really. What I’ve done this night, I never thought I would. NEVER. Now its possible.

Debrief, with more lessons learned.

Xavier also gave me a deeper understanding of the dance-floor game, like how to escalate, and how to pull back at the right time and what it really means to LEAD.

Maverick Man is also a family. I still stay in contact with Xavier, very often. He still teaches me lessons, and follows up with me on my progress, its been 3 weeks after the class. He really isn’t obligated to do it, but he still does, because he is one person, that I truly think, loves his job.

All in all, whatever success I had in Manila, and whatever success I will have in the future. I owe a part of it to Xavier, Troy, Daniel and Val.



Xavier with his clients at Allan’s Wedding

“I found out about Xavier through the lair. His posts were often interesting and insightful, not to mention his appearance on RazorTV which really opened my eyes. Truth is I was faced with a predicament as I was enlisting of the month. I wanted to enroll in the bootcamp but didnt really have enough time. Luckily upon contacting Xavier, we managed to arrange something out. We arranged to meet one to one where he would give me a summary of certain key mindsets, habits and of course the Juggler method that he normally teaches in the bootcamp.

Truth is I had no idea what Xavier was or looked like and was pretty nervous about meeting him. Luckily I managed to find him easily enough when he arrived. What struck me initially was his presence. Know how some people feel as though they know what they want in life, that they are in the “zone”? Well he clearly had it. Every movement and word was self assured. First impressions do count and he clearly made one on me. But was he the real deal? I was about to find out.

We decided to buy a couple of drinks and stay at Starbucks. We walked into the shop chatting to each other trying to get a feel for each other. When it came to Xav’s turn to order, what happened killed any skepticism I had. Caught up in our conversations, we didnt notice the cute waitress and the counter. Turning around, without missing a beat Xavier in the course of ordering his drink, managed to make her laugh, create an emotional connection and make himself stand out from the average joe buying a drink. It was like a scene from The Game for me. Needless to say I was wowed.

Oh yah. Did I mention? I was lucky enough to have Xavier’s wingman Daniel turn up :) I was apprehensive at first but Daniel was a really cool guy. One word describes him – intense. He was really helpful the whole night and no doubt made the lesson more interesting for both me and Xavier.

Hopefully for those interested in what my lesson entailed heres a brief summary. We spent a couple of hours covering the key personal mindsets that one should carry. I wont go into the specifics but needless to say, these are little things that one might ignore. My personal impression of the Juggler method is that its a lot about knowing what you are inside and expressing that self to the world instead of using a fixed set of routines and openers. This was cool to me as I was trying to find my identity and individuality. We also discussed stuff like sexuality and being comfortable. I cant say how refreshing this was for me. I am from a pretty conservative family and to be honest, never had any real knowledge of sex other than the crude jokes which we all like to crack. They probably sensed my discomfort and were really frank about it which I appreciated :)

We took a couple of breaks in between where I got to chat with both Xavier and Daniel one to one and what really struck me was how self assured they were about their lives. Remember how some guys in The Game had gone over the deep end and became sarging machines? These guys were the exact opposite. They had cool hobbies and interests and were great friends with each other. I was pretty relieved to be honest as I really had no idea what to expect. In short, these are people I would look to for mentors and guidance.

Anyway we finally came to the Maverick Man. I wont go into the specifics but heres my initial impression. Beyond its use in pickup, its really a lot about human interaction and communicating with people, about getting them to open up to you and sharing their emotions with you. These are life skills that can be used in any scenario in life and I am sure to spend the next few days trying to internalize everything. Some of this stuff really blew my mind. We pretty much covered what Xavier called the logistics. Its pretty much knowing what to do after actually getting a close or a handphone number. As someone who hasnt had a real girlfriend before, this stuff is really something that I can use in the future. Xavier also shared with me some relationship advice and goal setting which some people might ignore if you arent looking for a long term relationship but I thought was really cool. Xavier was a guy that really cared about women and wanted to everyone to benefit. It was a win-win situation.

We pretty much concluded after that where I chilled out with Xavier and Daniel. It was pretty fun although we didnt managed to find some drink which they were raving about the whole way -.-’”!

In all I had a great time and would recommend it to anyone looking to open their eyes. You might want to bring a tape recorder though as I realized the next day that I didnt manage to catch some stuff down in writing. Trust me, my brain was pretty much fried with the sheer overload of information and revelations.

I still owe you a meal Daniel thanks for coming down dude!”

- JH, Maverick Man : GOLD CLASS Client, 20.01.09


“Hi guys juno here. Hope you all had a great dinner and are looking forward to a great CNY with your family Smile Anyway I decided to do a report on todays session before I enlist. Do forgive me if I drone on too much.

Anyway todays session was about Basic Day-game. It basically is about an hour of theory (some overlap with Maverick Man lessons with some new stuff thrown in) and afterwards a couple of hours of in field experience.

To be honest, I was feeling a bit drained that day, trying to rush a thousand and one things and being sunburnt. I wasn’t in the best of moods. If your going to sign up for one of these programs, really make sure that the few days prior to the program, you give yourself sometime to relax and enjoy yourself. The session is really intense and will take a toll on you if you aren’t prepared.

That being said I had a great time! The main goals for the program was about conquering Approach Anxiety, opening and different types of day game situations. I figured if I could get this first step down, I would be able to handle the rest of the game myself. If your going for a customized program like me, be sure to take sometime to figure out where you normally hang out.

We headed to my favorite spot after the theory session, kinokuniya at takashimya! If you have never seen someone pick up a girl in real life, be prepared to be blown away. The RazorTV shows do not do Xavier justice at all. My mind is pretty blurry to be honest but I still remember the first set he opened. If hide wants he can furnish the full details of the conversation – i was too far to catch what they were saying. But heres what I remember : There was a pretty sexy girl browsing through some random magazines and hide approaches her (cold approach), starts talking to her and gets her to open up herself during the course of their interaction. Sorry guys but words dont do justice here. You really had to be there to see it. I wasnt the only one impressed. I saw another guy catch on and try as much as he did to read his magazine, I caught his eye roving in hide’s direction. He was probably thinking the same thing as me – wtf man.

Before I talk more about the session, did I mention I was petrified the whole way?

Even though I wanted to push past this sticking point, another part of me probably thought I had a death wish. Approaching random strangers on the street? I rather jump out of an airplane into a sea of shark infested waters any-day.

So anyway, when it came to the first approach which we did at the stationary corner, I was feeling a trillion conflicting emotions at once. But after much encouragement, Xavier and the rest managed to help me push past this and approach a gal at the stationary corner. I managed to strike up a conversation – getting her opinion on which of two pretty cool notebooks I was holding to get for my sister. The instructors role ( and what you’re paying for really ) here was to guide me through these initial steps and correct my mistakes after each approach – body language, nervousness, eye contact etc. It took me a few sets (and quite a long time to be honest Razz) to finally realize by talking random strangers on the street wasn’t as suicidal as I thought.

juno approaches a beautiful woman at the stationery department.

For the sake of your reading pleasure, I decided not to write about all the sets but talk about one or two of them. In my fourth set, I managed to get someone to recommend me Macbeth but I didn’t really know how to follow up. In the words of my instructors I blew myself out. This kinda repeated itself throughout the day for most of my sets and is something I desperately need to work on. To be honest though, I was glad I just got over my AA Very Happy The journey of a million miles begins with a single step is what I like to think.

Around the fifth or sixth set, I managed to get one of them to recommend me a Fengsui book. Despite blowing myself out and not showing enough interest – something interesting happened. The person next to her started talking to us and recommending me books! Monster told me later that someone else also opened us but my mind is really blurry about this. IF theres anything to take away from this, its that people enjoy talking and helping others and stop shitting yourself in the pants when you approach people.

Being a naturally cool and charismatic guy is what it's all about!

It wasnt all good as much as I would have liked it though. On my second set, I managed to blow myself out entirely, come off as a creepy guy when I asked a pretty cute girl in a jacket if she wanted to see something cool. It was my first time experiencing the withering stare and it was pretty scary. It still gives me the goosebumps when I think about it now but screw it. No pain no gain.

After chilling out a while at Macdonalds and taking a break, we headed off to Hereen. Probably my best moment of the night. I managed to open a Korean family ( mother, daughters, brother) and maintain their interest and keep a conversation for a couple of minutes. It probably wasn’t the most interesting conversation in the world but I pushed past my sticking point. Dont get me wrong – I wanted to bolt a few times but I stood my ground. Xavier and the rest were pretty pleased at the end of it and I was feeling pretty high too.

juno shows us how to win over a girl's family with honesty and charisma.

If you have never seen Xavier and Monster working together, your really in a for a treat. It was what can only be described in one word – awesome. They managed to take over on of the boutique stores at Hereen and bring up the energy level of the place. It was Saturday night and it was really packed but they still managed to get the interest of most of the attendants and monster even managed an email close. It was cool and I learned some stuff about winging, taking over a store etc. The vibe, the energy that both of them had managed to infect everyone around them ( including me Very Happy). It was really cool.

Yup thats about it for my experiences. If you have anything you wanna know about my day out with them, don’t hesitate to us. I might have missed out some stuff. I wrote a summary of the PROs and CONs of the course .


- Nothing beats in field experience. If you do sign up for private instruction, really make sure you follow up the theory course with at least ONE in field experience if not your just wasting your time in my opinion.

- If Monster comes down with Xavier, be prepared to see some really cool shit

- Chance to talk to them about anything you want personally.

- Great fun which will have you feeling great at the end of the day


- Its a bit tiring so be mentally prepared!

- Its a bit overwhelming, would have been great if they had some printed material to read!

- It might just be me but when hide was asking me if I had questions, my mind was totally blank loads of the times!

Maybe you guys could come up with a FAQ after asking a few clients.

Thats about it. Have a great long weekend and wish me luck when I enlist this Wednesday!


- juno, 22, Maverick Man : GOLD CLASS client, 24.01.09.

“If you haven’t already heard, Maverick Man : Masterclass is nothing short of life-changing. Apart from appearing on Straits’ Times RazorTV and our proven results-focused approach, we have the crazy client results to prove them.

As always, our focus is the CLIENT’S RESULTS. Screw 3/5-minute phone numbers that will never call you back, here’s a full picture report of DAY ONE of the in-field Daygame session.

Our client is a sweet teenage boy who just passed out from Basic Military Training a few days ago. No offence but it isn’t the most attractive point in your life. Well, not unless you are a Maverick Man :-)


I don’t know about you guys, but here at Maverick Man, we do not like to get blown out and rejected. The PUA (Pick-Up Artist) style of approaching is just too ineffective for us and susceptible to rejection. That is why we use the “Seamless Approach“, which not only destroys Approach Anxiety, it has proven to be virtually REJECTION-PROOF.


The Maverick Man is what we aim to develop here. Bullshit PUA rules (3-second rule? haha, please…) just DO NOT APPLY to us. Social calibration and awareness comes naturally to the Maverick Man. Understanding that and applying a Seamless Approach, the game is on when he says it’s on. Wherever, Whenever.


Contrary to popular belief, the possibility of picking-up a girl and going on a date immediately is not only possible, but PROVEN here at Maverick Man. Seriously, if you are out there and celebrating 3 minute number closes and all that, sorry to piss on your party but she ain’t never gonna call ya. Here, 20-40 minute interactions + an insta-date is our recipe for a SOLID phone number which a girl will insist that you take. And it’s rude to reject an amazing Woman :-)


Yea well, moving around together is fun but a bootcamp is life-changing. It’s all about making dreams come through, pushing you to the next level and shattering your realities to create new, better ones. After each interaction, our highly-trained instructors address your mistakes IMMEDIATELY or even AMIDST YOUR INTERACTION and work their magic. You will then enter the next set to achieve significantly better results. In the words of our pictured client, “Oh my god, did that just happen?!?!


You da bomb man and ya know it!”

- Walterz, 28, Maverick Man : Masterclass Client, March 14th 2009

16/05/09 :



So after a wild night out (report from the first night here), we all gathered at Wheelock place for a detailed de-brief over a hearty lunch. Not gonna lie here, the night was awesome but there were things that the students could’ve done better and the instructors wasted no time in telling them. We don’t tell you what you WANT to hear, we tell you what you NEED to hear. That’s how you learn. We are not like other bullshit companies and coaches who leave you on an emotional high and nothing in return. WE MAKE DAMN SURE THAT YOU LEARN WHAT YOU CAN HERE TO LEARN.


We headed over to the city centre for a theory lesson on daygame. Xavier laid out some of the important mindsets and techniques for Daygame, Maverick Man-Style. I then shared what I knew from my experience in the field when it came to Daygame. All this added up gave our Maverick Man Masterclass students and unprecendented EDGE over the subject of daygame. Personally, I do not go out conciously just to do Daygame (that’s quite sad… I have a life!), but being the Maverick Man, it is a part of my lifestyle. I just find myself in situations where I am able to interact with a woman, be it at a supermarket, by the pool-side, shopping at Zara etc.


If you have been following my blog, you will realise that I am a master of teaching the art of Bookstore Game. Week after week, I am enabling clients to churn out Bookstore Game results like crazy. No flakey phone numbers, I’m talking insta-dates and approaching only hot women. Higher Goals = Higher Success. As my clients will tell you, just like in the clubs, the bookstore is really my element. I believe that being AWARE of your logistics and environment will aid greatly in achieving success in mastering that venue.


With the right mindsets, lessons and logistics plan, our students were set up for success. Once you have set yourself up perfectly for success, it is just not possible to fail. ALMOST ALL guys don’t even do this and they wonder why the hell they aren’t getting any success!


Well okay, no one can predict stuff like a long-line at a cafe but if you have been armed with our trademark conversational techniques, you would actually enjoy the conversations.


That carry-on seamlessly into the insta-coffee-date. From the techniques and concepts that were taught to you earlier on, you will know how to do this consistently. It is not a linear approach-conversation-logistics-pull approach, it’s far simpler than you think it actually is.


Now here’s the thing about having a world-class team of instructors right there with you :




Now THAT is what we call QUALITY Private Instruction. It’s no secret that the instructors would be able to walk-the-talk, there’s a reason why not just anyone can be a Maverick Man Instructor. So what if the instructors are good with women? You are signing up so that YOU can be good with women! Just like many naturals out there, being good with women is one thing… But teaching someone else to be good is another entirely different thing. At TDD, we definitely understand this and that is why our clients’ success are a true testament of our ability. Just by checking out our incredible field reports forum, you know that there’s no where else you’d rather go than with Maverick Man.

- 22nd September 2010

Xavier provided massive value on the call I did with him and as he was talking, I was busy scribbling down useful notes and pointers. Watch out for Xavier as he is definitely Asia’a top dating coaches and it’s even more amazing to think that for all the wealth of knowledge and experience he has, he is only in his early twenties. I highly recommend anyone serious about getting good with women to seek Xavier out and hear what he has to say.”

Ryker Koh, Creator of

27-29 November 2009, MASTERCLASS #03

All my life I had been the shy and quiet guy, the guy that didn’t try to get sexual with girls, the guy who studied hard, got a stable job, and had not a very vibrant social life. Then I chanced upon Xavier’s website in the Singapore Lair and started reading up on his posts and the Maverick Man forums in the quest for self-improvement. I knew that I had to take a plunge, that the Masterclass would open my eyes to bigger and better things, and I was right.

Upon meeting Xavier on the first day, I realised I have never met someone with such positive energy, such a powerful vibe. He taught me the theory portion of Maverick Man in a simple, concise manner, such that I could not possibly not understand them. Moreover it is easy to talk with him too, it’s impossible not to be amazed or laugh at his stories. Night game, we head to Attica, where he taught me to have fun, to open sets with the right vibe and pacing, to foreshadow properly. I also saw his sexual insinuation at work. When you see a girl walk up to him and ask if he has a condom, you know that he has the right vibe!

Second day was day game first. He taught me that it’s all about macro planning, mutual agreement and foreshadowing. I crashed and burned that day but I do not blame him, I had alot of information to absorb and put alot of pressure on myself. At night, I learnt the swagger, dance floor macro planning, and of course, some of his killer dance moves! So we hit China One, I was crazy tired by then, and had alot of negative energy, but he was still very patient with me and I appreciated that. And he is definitely the undisputed king of the dance floor. He danced with a girl with the moves that he taught me, and within moments the girl was all over him!

This Masterclass definitely inspired me and made me realise that I am living life as a mediocre person. There are alot of aspects that I have to improve on, and the Masterclass is the first step in the right direction.It is a process of self-discovery and I understand that it does not take one weekend to improve my inner game. Some of the things I took note of and he pointed out to me are:

-Volume of voice

-Not dominant in daygame interactions, not creating space sometimes

-Pacing of openers

-Lack of fun vibe

-More spontaneous and fun statements

The debrief is this Saturday so I’m sure there’s more stuff Xavier will tell me to work on. Overall I’m glad to have found the Maverick Man community and Xavier. No more mediocre shit, I will aim towards living the life that I want!

Ken Chan a.k.a Whoozy, 26


Dan , 25, from Australia says :

“One of the best guys to go to in Asia. He is tight in what he teaches, brings across to the students what they need to know in the best way possible. Xavier brings intrinsic attention and care to his clients, of whom many become his personal friends. He us concerned not only with helping you get good. But towards helping you become the best that you can be. Long story short, Xavier brings results, Asia’s ABSOLUTE Superstar coach is out to play and he’s here to stay.”


Get the dating life of your dreams today! Drop me an e-mail at!

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