Maverick Man in the News


Thank you for your interest in Maverick Man. Having been at the forefront of the date coaching community in Singapore, Maverick Man has had an impressive relationship with the media, having successfully worked on engaging stories with agencies such as :

- The Straits’ Times (Singapore)

- The New Paper (Singapore)

- Channel News Asia (Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong)

- Agence French-Presse (AFP) (Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, France)

- Shin Min Daily News (Singapore)

- Lian He Wan Bao (Singapore)

- Xinhua News Agency (Beijing)

- AsiaOne (Singapore)

- CLEO Magazine (Singapore, Malaysia)

- Mediacorp’s 93.8 Live (Singapore)

- Her World Singapore

- Yahoo! News (Singapore and Asia)

On this page, you’ll find information about our team, their respective profiles and bios, the company’s profile, contact information as well as links to selected stories of our previous media features.

We have allowed journalists to participate in events and training programs, provided products for review, and have given live interviews on television for programs both locally and in Asia. We have even taught clients assigned to us by the media and produced stunning results for them in short amounts of time.

Our instructors and Public Relations Team are happy to be available for stories, interviews, and quotations related to dating, relationships, and lifestyle issues for your newspaper, magazine, radio show, website, or television program.


Subject Matter Expert on Story about Younger Guys Dating Older Women


As a young Man in his early twenties, Xavier was undoubtedly the BEST subject matter expert to consult on this story. Having had a vast experience of dating Women older than him, in this article, he provides invaluable insight and advice on how to maintain a relationship where the Man is younger than the Woman.


My 2-Page Feature story on The Straits Times

In this story, The Sunday Times ran a TWO-PAGE feature on Maverick Man Master Trainer, Xavier See. Xavier was given 3 hours to train a reporter who had ZERO experience with meeting Women in the day time. Within that 3 hours, Xavier gave the reporter a Maverick Man : Masterclass-styled crash-course, LIVE demonstration as well as effective, intensive mentoring. Xavier managed to help the reporter consistently get phone numbers from Women in the day time.

Feature Story on Dating Coaches on The Straits Times

PROVEN as top Dating Coach among the rest in Singapore after LIVE demonstrations in front of reporters, I was asked to give tips on how to meet Women.

My Client being featured, from being overweight and bespectacled to snagging a Russian Girlfriend!

This is definitely one of my proudest achievements. Being featured amongst 5 Dating coaches and date coaching companies in Singapore, I was the ONLY coach who could successfully demonstrate whatever I taught. In fact, when I was asked to get a phone number from a girl, I did one better : I went up to 2 girls and got their numbers. I actually ended-up dating one of the girls too.

As further proof of being the undisputed best, the story actually featured my client as well, who went from an inexperienced, shy, overweight, bespectacled chap to a successful Ladies’ Man who snagged a Russian girlfriend.

This is PROOF that with Maverick Man, ANYONE can become better with Women!


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Featured on :

“A Slice Of Life Hour” with Eugene Loh, News Radio 93.8 LIVE (Singapore)

Click here to listen to/download my segment on “A Slice of Life Hour” with Eugene Loh on News Radio 93.8


HERWORLD Magazine, May 2010

Channel News Asia’s “Love, Marriage and Sex in the City”

14th February 2010, Valentine’s Day Special on Channel News Asia

Straits’ Times RazorTV
January 2009Strait’s Times RazorTV Program on Picking-Up WomenIn part 1 of the 3-part series, some friends and myself introduce ourselves and give our perspectives on our style of dating.

Sara-Ann K interviews Me, Troy, Allan and Val.
Sara-Ann K interviews Me and my Students

In part 2, we give a crash-course on our dating program to our man Suren, who had to overcome years of shyness and zero-experience in picking-up women. Apart from watching me look nervous on camera, there are a few tidbits that you can pick up from watching this video!

Val and I school Suren on Natural Game!
Teaching my guest student Suren about our method of Game!

In part 3, our boy Suren takes to the clubs just mere hours after a condensed crash-course on dating and attempts to pick-up women! Will our course prove effective under near-impossible circumstances? Will Suren do a good job? You’ve gotta watch it to find out :-)

Val and myself comment on bootcamp Suren's experience!

January 15th, 2009

In part 1, we go into deeper detail about the Pick-Up Arts, focusing on Juggler Method. Being the #1 Ranked Pick-Up Artist back then in Singapore, I gave audiences a detailed breakdown of the entire method and how it works. I then introduced and broke down some concepts to give you a better idea of what our method is like.

Part 2 is where we put our stuff to the test. Can I walk the talk? If you ever wondered how I am like in-field, you gotta be sure to catch this!


Getting wired for RazorTV's Daygame in-field session!

Looking forward to working with you soon


The Premier Self Development Establishment for Men in Asia!

6 responses to “Maverick Man in the News

  1. Dude, good for you! Keep up the good work. Singapore needs more bros like yourself! All the best wishes to your new coaching practice, as well.

    Regards, David at

  2. hey david,

    thanks man, i appreciate the support. keep doing your thang too man, you are doing a lot of people out there a lot of good!


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