World Domination : THE Next Level

Being the best is easy. The Maverick Man is not a One-hit Wonder. He his consistently the best. This means that wherever he is and whatever he chooses to put his heart into, he is going to be the best at it.

The thing is, once you are the best and you stop there, it is only a matter of time before others catch up. Which is why Maverick Man is constantly at the forefront of the industry. We are always setting the bar higher and higher.

The inception of our World Domination programs proved to be a masterpiece. Alumni who were already consistently getting results and looking for a higher level of improvement suddenly had the opportunity to learn and flourish on a Global stage.

3 countries made the cut for the absolutely must-visit countries in Asia :

2 hours before heading to China on World Domination : Hong Kong

Hong Kong (Click for Part I and Part II reports)

Good times at LMFAO Night at Luxy Taipei during World Domination : Taiwan

Taiwan (video report by request only, e-mail me at

Road Trip during World Domination : Thailand

Thailand (report coming up in the next week)

Being the best, we always know what it means to be NEXT-LEVEL.

Hassle-Free, Time Sensitive

Logistics and Location is everything. The Maverick Man knows Global Travel like the back of his hand. As such, proper planning and execution is required before traveling. Our World Domination Packages are designed to give you the most hassle-free, time-sensitive logistical arrangement. This is why, included in your program cost are :

- Air-Tickets (premier airlines only)

- Airport VIP Lounge Access

- Airport Transfers to hotels and multiple cities

- Premium Accommodation with Conference and Gym facilities.

- ALL CLUBBING EXPENSES (Bottle Service, no less)

The entire program outline is laid out to you in a free World Domination e-book. To get a copy of this e-book, just take 3 minutes to drop me an e-mail at with the following details :

Subject Title : “Maverick Man : World Domination”

Name :

Age :

Occupation :

Where You Heard Of Us :

Working E-mail Address :

World Domination Program you are interested in : (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand)

Maverick Man : WORLD DOMINATION Schedule for 2012

Taiwan : 22-28th June 2012

(Only for this trip : Inquire now and get a bonus 3D2N trip to Bangkok worth $799 – ABSOLUTELY FREE)

Hong Kong : 20-26th September 2012

(Inquire now and get a bonus expenses-paid 3D2N trip to Guangzhou worth $799 – ABSOLUTELY FREE)

Thailand : 7th – 16th December 2012

(Inquire now and get a bonus expenses-paid 3D2N Maverick Hustler Jungle Adventure worth $1299 ABSOLUTELY FREE)

Australia : ALUMNI-ONLY


Booking Procedure

To book your slot, e-mail me at with the subject title : “Maverick Man : WORLD DOMINATION”. Please include your name, age, occupation and contact number. You will receive a reply from me within 24 hours.



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