Maverick Man : MASTERCLASS

The Maverick Man MASTERCLASS is for guys (regardless of their level of proficiency) who want to take things to the HIGHEST level.

There is no room for mediocrity here. Participants of this program will be pushed to the limits. Understand this : After this program, you will be set for greatness. You will be trained to create, be a part of the most elite social circles and date the most desirable women. This can be daunting at first but like I said, this Masterclass is for those who want to achieve nothing but the BEST

If you are one for mediocrity, this one is NOT FOR YOU. We want to train you to become like all our Alumni, with the mindset that you can succeed in ANY situation.

The concepts I will teach and present to you are in another class of their own. Believe me when I say there is NOTHING LIKE THIS in the entire dating industry. 

Some call it a Dream come true.

We call it becoming the MAVERICK MAN.

Friday, 3:00p.m

We start off with a meeting at a lounge or cafe around 3pm, and the Maverick Man mantra of success is discussed in-depth. Just like all of our programs, the lessons are no nonsense, totally efficient, and customized for the client. The reason we do 1 on 1’s is so that we can give lessons, adjustments, and improvements that are very client-specific. We’ve found out that in our industry, that is what makes clients succeed greatly. We go through very important exercises, simulations, and affirmations to get ready for the evening.

You will learn :

  • The Mental Mind Maps of the MAVERICK Man System — what belief structures allow us to succeed further than ANY other practitioners.
  • What makes you a guy Women WANT to have Sex with? We talk about BEING the character women love.
  • Inception and Leading
  • The MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE method of communication with Women
  • The Universal Laws that we use to achieve Line of Sight
  • Working on Highpoints
  • Adding a Seductive Vibe to your Interactions with Women

We close off the lesson at about 6:00p.m.

The Crew

Friday Night, suited-up and ready to rock!

Friday Night, 10:00pm

Friday night is always a REALITY-BREAKER for our clients.

All the reading will not prepare you for what’s to happen — in a good way obviously. Its where the client first gets his dose how dominant the Maverick Man system is in field. No, we don’t run it the same ways PUA camps run it (Go approach, go approach, keep practicing mentality), we teach you in the field to have that wide angle vision, insightfully AWARE of social situations, as well as WELL-CALIBRATED in your actions so that you can deliver clinical success in your approaches and interactions.

We don’t tell you to run a numbers game. We help you make it count, and have long-lasting lessons of those experiences.



We close off the lesson at about 2:00a.m.



Saturday, 3:00pm

Saturday afternoon is a mix of a few things — we take clients out in the day time and in some cases, do an image makeover. We, at Maverick Man believe that if you want to be taken seriously by quality, attractive women, then you must take your image seriously. We take you to our instructors’ favorite boutiques and mini-shops and get you that look that establishes yourself as the Maverick Man. Personally, I believe that I’d rather get over that issue with a makeover, than try my best and fail not knowing the only thing that stopped me was how I came across to women visually.




IMAGE_266Date… all in the same day!

On Saturday we go through some charming in the day time briefly, with some good lectures on Lifestyle Design. Soon, students realize how this lesson substantially increases their conversion rates with women they’ve met. By late afternoon they get a dose of some strong lessons on non-verbal communication, sexual eye contact, dance game, and physical escalation. We close off the lesson at about 6:00p.m.


Maverick Man Hallmark DANCEFLOOR GAME

Saturday night, 10:00pm

Saturday Night is the student’s time to take the plunge completely. With Friday being the role model for them, they aggressively put the lessons to the test by continuously getting into social situations with their instructor. Saturday night, as much as it is a carefree celebration of what the student has learned both days, is also a culmination of the synergy of lessons he has learned. This is where our students get their complete “A-HA” moments.

We close off the lesson at about 2:00a.m.

Sunday, 1:00p.m

Sunday is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. We talk extensively about what to do AFTER the Masterclass – What habits and attitudes to adopt, as well as a well-planned, comprehensive RETENTION Module – designing a social strategy to attract and keep Women you have met wanting to be in your life.

You will receive some key insights from your instructor, on how he was able to gain such a massive inflow of women through a perfectly set up social strategy.


We also go through specific topics, such as Logistics planning, home set up, and high conversion dates, as well. Finally completing the puzzle of what to do to start becoming the Maverick Man.

We close off the lesson at about 4:00p.m.

And as if that isn’t enough…


The real magic happens AFTER the program.

Obviously, there are many lessons to be learned. While miracles do happen in those 3 days, there is still much to learn after the weekend. The Maverick Man movement shines through until today because we have virtually the BEST post-program support system ever developed. The Maverick Man organization is not a company, we are a family. This is really the secret to our amazing success rate. Within our support group, you will be assigned individual mentors to keep you on track towards your dreams.

Post-Program Support is Maverick Man’s KEY TO SUCCESS.

Not only do you gain inspiration and lessons, you also gain support and personal attention from people who are genuinely interested in your success. Some of the perks enjoyed by program Alumni on the dating development side are :

- ALUMNI-ONLY Support Network (Forum, Facebook) with field-reports, in-field videos in HD and full audio (a $50/month value)

- ALUMNI-ONLY weekly field-trips with mentors (one field-trip is worth $600 so do the math…)

- ALUMNI-ONLY monthly Specialized workshops (worth $300 per workshop)

As of 2011, we have been around in Singapore for 3 years now and have an ever-growing, ever-improving community of excellent Alumni who are committed towards helping one another. At the end of the day, we are all friends so there are so many more perks than the money you will save at the end of it all. We are also dedicated to living happily, thus we actually have a Alumni Welfare Community within the establishment itself.

Here are some of the things the lifestyle privileges enjoyed by members of the Alumni Establishment :

- Invites to VIP events (media events, roadshows, club events/openings etc.)

- Dedicated Wingwomen who provide valuable insights into the Female psyche

- Professional Fashion Consultancy

- Professional Fitness Coaching

- Professional Lifestyle Development Programs and Consultancy

- WEEKLY outings to the field (clubs, day time venues etc.)

- BBQs, House parties and Crew outings

- Bi-Annual Alumni Overseas Trips

- and so much more!

Alumni activities are not forced upon you. Your membership is for as long as you want to stay on.

Some of our Alumni have been with us since 2008 and they are now giving back to the community the way that it gave to them. Everyone has a different development curve and we believe that through a genuine support group, after you reach the stage that you sought to achieve, you would give back by being a mentor to the newer members. The last thing we want is someone uncommitted to the cause, thus I am proud to say that everyone in my Alumni Community WANTS to be there and is PROUD to be a part of it.

Yes, it is an amazing world that the Maverick Man lives in. And you have the choice to make it yours today.

NOTE : On all live programs, the client is responsible for purchasing plane tickets, either flying to or flying the instructor to them. The client is also responsible for lodging, however a separate hotel room is not needed. We advocate the instructor and student to room in together to save costs and have more mutual synergy by hanging out even more.”



06.07.12 – 08.07.12 (SOLD OUT)

17.08.12 – 19.08.12 (3/3 SLOTS OPEN)

Laveen and Xavier on Masterclass Duty in TAIPEI

Instructors :

Xavier See, Jordon


09-12 AUGUST 2012


Find out the full story on my VIDEO REPORT (by request only), TAIPEI MAYHEM

Instructors :

Glen Liu, Xavier See, Jordon

Students from all over the world are welcome to join as well. As this will be the first OFFICIAL Masterclass in Thailand, there will be an introductory price.

Interested parties get in touch with me right now!


Since January 2012, all MAVERICK MAN programs have become RISK-FREE.

All programs come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We are sure of what we can do for you, so sure to the point where we will make a bet on ourselves. If we fail to deliver what we promise to you, we will give you 100% of your money back. It only makes sense for us to get paid if you are happy with your results.

What’s the worst that could happen? Either you walk away with a more amazing life, or you get all your money back. Your call ;-)


For bookings and enquiries, contact me via Skype (xavierrrr) or e-mail me at

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