Maverick Movement Dominates (yet again), Maverick Man 180

Greetings MAVERICKS!

Wow, it’s been a long time indeed. Thank you all for consistently visiting the blog and showing your love via e-mail and on Facebook. Having traveled to a grand total of 5 different cities in the past 40 days (all expenses paid, thanks to my new business venture), I have truly missed writing to everyone.

The Maverick Movement team undertook a project on 22nd February 2012 to put our excellence to the test. It’s easy to say how good you are but we decided to put our reputation on the line and prove to the World how awesome we really are. We all undertook a business project to put our skills as exceptional individuals to the test. And excel we did.

In keeping with our trademark of setting the GOLD STANDARD for excellence everywhere we go, we set an ASIAN RECORD in the business and officially became Asia’s fastest growing team.

I would like to congratulate Team MAVERICK on the amazing accomplishment. We really proved ourselves with this achievement. It truly is awesome to be traveling and making money at the same time… and helping others do the same! If you want to travel and make money at the same time, feel free to drop me an e-mail at and let me show you how ;-)

Maverick Man Celebrates Yet Again


27th April 2012 will be yet another Alumni Member’s Congress, where we celebrate a successful first-quarter of success stories and achievements.

This quarter has seen Alumni graduate from their respective GOLD CLASS programs, with plenty of success stories to celebrate every day on our Alumni Facebook page. It truly is a GOLDEN time for us at Maverick Movement. And we are more than delighted to be able to share the ways to success with everyone.

If you want a glimpse of the magic that we work here at Maverick Man, with our straightforward, simple and effective dating advice, Laveen has been dropping some GOLDEN content on his blog, Romantic Rogue, which is a real joy and treat for everyone.

And it gets better…

Maverick Man 180

In the grand scale of things, there are essentially 3 kinds of Men that exist in this World.

1) Men who are average and leave almost no impression.

2) Men who try to to leave a remarkable impression but failing to find success consistently,

3) Men who leave a remarkable, memorable impression on Women.

I don’t know about you, but to me, guy #3 is the guy to be.

Let me tell you about guy #3.

Every time guy #3 sees someone else trying to “compete” with him the affections of a Woman, he knows he is gonna win.

This is not because he knows the perfect line to say, the perfect technique to execute, the perfect thing to do next. He knows he WINS because he is the BEST VERSION of HIMSELF; the best that he can be.

All our Maverick Man clients are taught this right at the beginning: Women are not attracted to what you do but WHO YOU ARE. If you don’t FEEL GOOD about yourself, you will NEVER be able to GENUINELY make a Woman FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU.

It is easy to get you to slap on a few new clothes, give you the exact lines to say, the exact actions to perform. But the truth is, changing who you are on the inside requires real effort and commitment. This is the path of the ELITE Man, the MAVERICK MAN. The kind of confidence that comes from KNOWING that you are wanted by Women is an amazing feeling.

And this confidence is EXACTLY what we want to bring to our clients with our Maverick Man 180 program.

This confidence and success transcends past a Maverick Man’s dating life. It transcends into his entire life, helping him do better with all aspects of his life, his finances, his social life and his fitness.

We truly believe that the more successful people we have in this World, the better it is going to be for everyone. For us to able to do this, we have made this life-changing program the most AFFORDABLE, value-for-money program you can ever find on the market.

The program goes LIVE on 8th April 2012.

If you want to become richer, fitter, more attractive and have more fun with your life, stay tuned for our Maverick Man 180 launch this Sunday, 8th April 2012.

Good times ahead, you’ve been warned ;-)


Live and Love,


Skype: xavierrrr

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