Quality Life = Quality Women : A Maverick Man Success Story

In this post, I would like to celebrate the success of one of our members. It’s been about a year since he took a program with us and his story reminds me very much of my own.

It would be near-impossible to imagine how he was like 1 year back.

When I first met GR, he was, in every sense of the word, a young boy. He dressed, looked, behaved and spoke like a typical Singaporean boy. He would think himself to be lean but my honest feedback to him was that he was scrawny and the kinda guy I would make fun of. He was also awkward socially and truth be told, his overly-positive and “yes-man” attitude made me want to strangle him. He was about as sharp as a mattress and had the backbone of a jellyfish.

Today, he is leading a sparkling social life in one of the top universities in Singapore and boasting his own successful business on the side at the age of 21, GR is a bonafide winner in his own right, a young Man well on the way to a successful life. He recently shared about his life right now with the Alumni on our forum and I requested to share this post with everyone in public. He was happy to oblige.

Without further ado, here’s GR to share his success story with you!



It’s been a while since I updated my journal but this is me making up for it. I’m currently looking at the Members’ forum, and with all the endless reading of success stories, it suddenly hit me: WOW! Holy ****! It’s been almost 4 months since I last updated my journal.

SO without further ado, let me get started…

What I’ve been up to the last few months…

Working out and fitness regime :

I’ve been working out and focusing on building a proper fitness regime. Somehow, I have always been working out on and off over the last 2 years, but I never got the motivation and momentum to keep going.

Then, last year end, with Xavier’s inception of the Maverick Fitness department, I decided to just give it a shot and stick to it for once (it was also my busy school schedule that made me feel really burned out, so I had extra motivation to exercise and destress)

Since December 2011, I began working out about 4-5x a week, for 2 hours each time. And now, just about 2 months after I first started, I must say I feel really good.

In the past, I used to always focus on “game” and “technique”, and I thought since I was pretty tall and didn’t have any obesity issues, I didn’t really need to work out. Just decent game and technique will help me pull through.

True, I was pretty decent with women and my social interactions, and I didn’t need to work out at all.

But let me tell you guys out there who have been procrastinating on working out for ages….

After these last 2 months of working out consistently and seeing really measurable changes in my fitness and health, I feel really good. I feel so much more masculine, dominant, and it just comes across in my interactions with women and people in general.

Not forgetting the increasing number of of compliments I’ve received from friends, women, family, random strangers about how “buff” and “toned” I look. They really help you in boosting your confidence and swagger, and you really begin to feel good and unstoppable.

I’m not trying to toot my now horn here (Xavier: REALLY now… ;-P) , but those were the exact words that women and strangers told me…

And the best part is, my whole life, I’ve never really seen myself as the “buff” or “muscular” guy. I was mostly thin and lean, not fit or muscular. And hearing such compliments from random strangers and friends more than once, it just feels really good.

Xavier once told me something that really stuck to me all this time : make it easy for women to like you.

If your game is pretty good and solid, but somehow you feel unhappy about your figure or fitness, and have always been wanting to improve on it, why not start now?! Being in great shape makes it EVEN EASIER for women to like you.

Adding a good figure and body symmetry to your IDENTITY will make it even easier for women to be attracted to you, so go for it! No wonder Xavier and Jordon are still sweating it out hard at the Maverick Fitness sessions every Friday despite being some of the fittest people I know.

I’m not saying this from a point of someone who’s always been very fit or muscular. My whole 21 years of living, I’ve always been weak and thin. But this really changes things.

The good feeling, masculinity, and confidence I feel from working out and also the compliments I receive really do make a huge difference to your vibe and swagger. Trust me!

Okay I actually didn’t wanna share that last part about working out as I thought it won’t really be relevant here, but cause it really helped me with huge impact, I hope it actually inspires some of you here to work out and start a proper fitness regime.

(Xavier: Whether you like it or not, working out is going to do wonders for your success with Women. It’s not just psychological, where you feel good about the way you look, it’s also biological. The more muscle you pack, the higher your level of testosterone, which makes you more masculine and confident.)

More Than Just Success With Women : SOCIAL SUCCESS

The last few months, I’ve also been working on my social interactions and taking it to the next level.

I forced myself to get into uncomfortable situations, and issued challenges to myself to test my skills and abilities socially. I forced myself to talk to everyone around (not just women), and start conversations to train my skills and improve my confidence.

Some challenges I set for myself:

- make my presence known in the gym (the trainers, staff, other users, guys twice my size etc) and become the guy everyone knows

- Be a popular guy at this yoghurt shop at the shopping mall close to where I live. The place is always chalk full of cute chicks on shift, and most guys visiting there always hit on them. SO this would be a challenge…

Let me share some of the results with you guys.

- Just 1 month after starting going to the gym consistently, I know pretty much most of the staff there, am able to walk in on any day and have people greet me, and the big buff guys twice my size (who usually are arrogant and don’t like talking to people during workouts) actually come up to start conversations with me. and no, they’re not gay! (Xavier: Hmm…..)

The sad part is, I’ve seen guys who consistently go there everyday for the last year to workout, and they don’t know anybody at all. It kinda sucks don’t you think so… going to a place for so many times, but nobody really knows you exist.. ArghH! That used to be me!!!

IN fact, I’m even willing to issue a challenge. Go to that gym on ANY day evening (yes, ANY day), and ask any staff (guy, girl, young, old whatever! your choice) working if they know who is GR. If the person they describes is NOT me, I’ll buy you lunch. Guaranteed.

- Just 2 weeks after I made my first visit to the yoghurt shop, I got to know quite a few of the girls there. I’m now able to join them INSIDE the counter, make my own yoghurt, and even get extra toppings for FREE! (Xavier: Maverick Yogurt soon? ha…)

That’s provided I go on the days where the girls on shift know who I am (that yoghurt shop has 11 different girls working on different shifts, so that’s the challenge)..

But hey… this is just 2 weeks after I made my first “debut” and I’m now able to join them behind the counter to make my own yoghurt, get free toppings, and chat with them?

Not too shabby in my opinion (Xavier: and mine too)… considering 90% of the time the only guys which these ladies talk to are army boys trying to hit on them and get their numbers, so they have to reject them ;-)

I may seem a tad egotistic, tooting my own horn here, but I just wanna show you guys reading how far you can go when you really focus on building your social interactions and improving your conversation skills with people in general, not just women.

SO, with just these 2 things (social domination training/challenges, working out) over the last 1-2 months, my “Game” improved remarkably and I’m now so much more confident and calm when dealing with people.

Okay now onto the main part….

My Dating Life so far…

The last time you guys read, I was still facing problems with escalation and getting physical with women. Xavier, Laveen, Jordon and a few others here who know me well will know.

When out on dates, all I did was TALK. That’s all. Nothing more!!! And to make matters worse, Women liked my IDENTITY but they slowly lost the attraction for me because of my inability to escalate! (Xavier: One of the 3 Fatal mistakes I wrote about in my free e-book, The Fatal 3)

I had serious escalation issues. I feared going for a girl’s hand, touching her, or even getting too close. Read my last few posts on the forum and you get what I mean.

Now let me break down for you what happened on my date tonight…

In a short time, we were making out uncontrollably beside the Singapore River, and my hands were all over her body. I actually do feel really good about it. Because I know that I didn’t hold back, at all!

She probably resisted me a few times because I kept going in for her sensitive areas and she would push back. But I can proudly say, I just went for it at that point in time, so I actually feel a silent form of happiness inside me, which she picked up from my vibe as well.

On another date last week and I physically escalated to making out and caressing in under an hour. Though Jordon called it a grope-fest (that one, I didn’t push for sex at all as I liked her and I didn’t wanna sleep with her on the first date..) If you’re confused as to what I’m saying, just ask me next time we meet and I’ll explain more.

Basically what happened is that I went out with this girl who I really liked last week, and where I normally would feel paralyzed with fear, I not only fearlessly and excitedly escalated, I overcame all the non-stop challenges and obstacles she threw.

We made out, cuddled, fondled a bit. She told me she wasn’t ready for a relationship (yet) as she just broke off with her boyfriend, but she enjoys hanging out with me. That’s all I needed to know and then, we started hanging out.

After that first date, we hung out two days later for a trip to Macritchie reservoir for kayaking. We made out even more, on the bus, at the cafe etc. Long story short, we got physical again very quickly. It’s only a matter of time before I took her home.

So, that experience with that one girl really boosted my confidence to make out and escalate.

Tonight, I went out with a different girl I met elsewhere, and after just 1 hour of meeting her (quick bite), I isolated her and we made out. I advanced even more by caressing her boobs, putting my hand under her skirt, grabbing her ass, and she allowed me to do so…

*This part has been cropped out and censored for the Alumni to view only*

The point of this date reflection is to share with you guys how I overcame my fear of escalation and getting physical.

Today on the date, I escalated with the chick so quickly and confidently that even I was astounded by my own success and confidence.

She wasn’t even on alcohol at all, and we were already making out non-stop.
I am shocked at my transformation from that timid guy who was so afraid of escalating, to someone who know is able to confidently escalate and get physical without any fear.


All the challenges and obstacles she threw at me, I just brushed away and kept going for it. And I really cannot believe I managed to overcome this. I never thought this day would come.

Looking back, I would say it was the girl who I hung out with last week (and for kayaking) that helped me with that. So my advice to the guys here who got escalation issues?

Hang out more often with girls you are interested in and get used to expressing your feelings for them verbally and non-verbally. Different Women need a different amount of time to warm-up to you but you are a WINNER, which means with you, it’s not whether you will win or not, it’s only a matter of time.

Really, this was really the game changer for me.

After I got intimate with girls on several occasions, the experiences just made me feel really confident and comfortable with Women. I knew that any resistance faced was negotiable thanks the the GOLD CLASS lessons and I wasn’t scared to touch her, hold her hand, go for the kiss, take her home etc.

So, experience really does build confidence. This is what I wanna share :)
I won’t say that I’ve become a god and can make out with any girl I meet, but I can confidently say that my escalation issues are now in check and I no longer feel pressured or fearful about escalating and resistance from women.

Also, before I sign off, I’d like to thank some people as usual.

I know you guys must be thinking… what the **** GR?! Can you not be so lame? Every time you post stuff on the forum must give thanks one ah??
But hey, I always post after a long hiatus, and looking back at my last post and comparing with my current one, I really feel astounded at how far I’ve come. And i can’t help but feel really satisfied and grateful to all the people who have helped me along the way :)

Many Thanks to:

Xavier See (Xavier: that’s me!) – I remember what you told me at Lim Kopi a few weeks back, that driven and motivated men like us don’t need to play games with women. Just show that you’re comfortable with your sexuality, escalate upon her given attraction, and be unaffected by all her obstacles like a f**king tanker. (Xavier: Yup, because that’s what REAL MEN do!) That advice actually helped me a lot, and I actually improved a lot in my sexualising and dominance just by remembering your advice. It was what gave me courage to escalate and get the make out with the girl last week, which in turn lead to the non-stop escalation and intimacy shared with her. This has now helped me get over my fear of escalation and allowed me to experience this mind-blowing night with another girl :) Thank you bro!

Laveen - Thanks for the non-stop reminders and advice about being true, real, and genuine. You always give me really great advice and tell me things which inspire me to fight for what I want, instead of just sitting back and letting things happen (you know what I mean :P). Thank you. You have been a really good friend and brother, I appreciate it.

Jordon – The tips you shared with me before about escalation, building and converting tension, did help to much extent, and it was the reason why I managed to score the non-stop escalation with the chick I went kayaking with. Thanks! Also you keep pushing me to escalate and get physical. Xie xie! I did it bro, i did it. Thanks!

TheMessenger and KinkzHOW can I forget you guys? The perennial MONSTERS of the Singapore Establishment. Reading your stories about relentless and fearless escalation really inspired me to keep pushing on, and not take resistance seriously. Everytime the girl resists me, I actually think of what you guys will do, and I feel fired up again :)

Uncle Jiron – you didn’t really give me any advice directly, but I actually spent quite some time last time reading all your excerpts and convo logs online and text (the ones you shared on the members’ forum). I learnt a lot about how to banter and carry convo. Today, I can confidently say that for most girls who I go with on a first date, I will always have more dates to look forward to with them. All thanks to you sharing your knowledge and convo logs. Thanks!

So, before I sign off, thanks for reading.

And let me say, to the slightly newer guys who still feel really overwhelmed, like you’re getting nowhere, keep working at it.

NEVER, NEVER, lose sight of your goal. keep going for it. Why?

When I look back at my journey, 1 year ago, on this very day, I had only been out on one date before.

I kid you not.

I’m very clear of my progress previously, because I used to keep a hand held journal when I first started out.

Yes, one year ago, on 14th february 2011, I had only been on one date so far. I was still really lost and unsure of my direction.

The date I went on, guess what happened?

I took the girl to a movie, then to a hawker center, ate dinner, and sent her home…

LOL right!

What a good game plan to have on a date.

That was my very first date, and until today I still remember, when I sent her home, I was thinking in my mind whether I should hug her or not!
!@#!%@! one hug I also scared!!! hahahahaha…

Looking back just makes me laugh and smile. Watching myself go from the guy who was scared of even hugging a girl when I sent her home, to the person I am today, I feel happy…

The support from the Maverick Man Alumni is simply amazing!!! The senior and junior guys are at it every week, night and day, be it chilling out or partying. Best thing is the instructors join in on the activities and really show what they talk about. It’s even better treat when Xavier joins in the fun. Wah, stuff like taking hot girls home in the daytime to threesomes with air stewardesses… you read about it and wonder how that’s like but seeing it happen in front of you is just mind-blowing.

That’s what I like about Maverick Man. They walk the talk… WE walk the talk together! Learning and reading is one thing but watching it happen is another altogether. I feel satisfied, assured and EAGER knowing that I am on the right path with the RIGHT PEOPLE!

I hope you guys have learnt something form this, and I have inspired some of you in one way or another.


GR (19th February 2012)

Thanks for sharing GR! Feel free to get in touch with me or GR if you have any questions or comments. We love hearing from you readers!

Live and Love,




Skype: xavierrrr

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