Maverick Mind: Smurfs and Stormtroopers

I spent the last few days doing a lot of self-reflection. In the process of understanding myself further, I wrote about my life, read about what people have been saying about my life and also enlisted the help of my friends from all walks of life to put my life in different perspectives.

I realize that I live a very different life from others. It works both ways. And sometimes, it can be a real challenge to try and fully comprehend one another.

On one hand, I have people close to me (my family members for example) who embrace a pragmatic life. They value finding joy and satisfaction in stability, to be able to fully appreciate the things that they worked hard to own, above the desire for variety and novelty. I accept, admire and respect that to the fullest degree, with nothing but pure joy for them being able to find “meaning” in their lives. I’m going to add a dash of fun to this entry by referring to them as Smurfs.

Generally, Smurfs then to have lesser friends/lovers, who they share deep levels of intimacy with and are often good role models of monogamy.

On the other hand, there are people like me, who I will refer to as Stormtroopers. Stormtroopers are people who desire variety and novelty over the comfort of stability. They find joy and satisfaction in savoring the different experiences that life has to offer. You would have a better chance of getting them to try and survive a 99-storey jump than to sit still for more than 3 minutes. Okay, I might be exaggerating but you see my point, no?

The general consensus is that with the exception of a very small number of people in their lives who they are deeply close to, Stormtroopers often have many friends/lovers in their lives who they are not deeply intimate with and then to be polygamous.

Fact: Stormtroopers and Smurfs may or may not understand understand the perspectives of each other. First thing’s first, one’s fictional and one isn’t. (Smurfs do exist on planet Earth)

I’m kidding, of course ;-)

Do put things in perspective, let’s take a look at the existence of Dogs and Cats. FACT: We cannot deny that both of them exist.

If you can use your imagination for a moment, it would not be impossible to imagine that Dogs and Cats who meet for the very first time might wonder for a moment: “WTF IS THAT?! IMMA KILL IT!

In some cases, they fight to the death and leave a furry mess, in some cases, they get knocked down by Singapore’s National Atheletes (oh snap…).

Perhaps the most common case is for them to RECOGNIZE the differences but accept them(only ON THE SURFACE) simply because they don’t want to get their fur messed up. Fact: A large number of people are here, actually under the false impression that THIS right here is Maturity.

But there have been cases where they actually succeed in co-existing. These are the celebrated cases. This co-existence will probably never be perfect, probably because they speak different languages and cats will never enjoy dog food, but that is the beauty of it: Perfection in Imperfection.

Maturity and Actualization is what I am getting at. Cats and Dogs, Smurfs and Stormtroopers, claim to be the more matured and actualized ones, to be the ones having the right mindset and outlook towards life.

My take on it is this: Maturity is being able to fully accept that there are people different from you and not succumb to the thought of judgement. There is a higher level of maturity: and that is to be able to EMBRACE and work towards co-existence. A sign of this is to be able to refrain from stepping on one another’s tails.

But, EVEN higher than that, would be to bring further goodness from this successful co-existence. To be able to listen, understand, reason (sometimes, very aggressively) and finally direct all this raw energy towards contributing to their respective lives, and if they are noble enough, the world. Try insulting matured people of this level and their way of life… you’ll see that they won’t pay you any attention, they have other better things to do, like enjoy each other’s company.

Simply put: If Smurfs and Stormtroopers could put aside their differences and work towards making the world a better place… maybe, just MAYBE, we might actually have a Star Wars : Episode 7 with a Smurf playing Yoda.

With Regards to Success With Dating

At Maverick Movement, we believe in being able to put aside egos and having an open mind when it comes to interacting with people. There is much to learn in this world with regards to anything and everything.

The simple truth is: There are many different kinds of people in this World. All success in interactions rely on CURIOSITY.

Having a closed-mind signals the DEATH of CURIOSITY. Without it, no one would be interested in getting to know anything about anything or anybody. 

When you first meet someone, you will form opinions about them. It’s natural, we are all like that. But be open to the idea that this person might be more than what you think them to be. Expect the best from people and they will show you their best side.

Never think that that beautiful girl is going to snub me, slap me or slip a grenade into your pants. In fact, if you are a bonafide MAVERICK MAN, you would expect the BEST and proceed towards finding out for yourself, expecting to be pleasantly surprised. More often than not, you will be. True Story ;-)

Thanks for reading! Talk to you guys soon!

Live and Love,


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