Great Sunday Nights Are The Best Defence Against Monday Blues

“It’s so boring here in Singapore.” she said with a sigh. A typical sentiment shared by most people here in this fine city. Not one I agree with.

“We have you, me and the night.” I reminded her.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s all I need to turn a boring night around.”

She paused as I held the line. Where people feel awkward, I basked in the silence, enjoying the thought of us dancing in the moonlight after a jug of Sangria.

“Okay. What are you thinking of doing?”

“I propose that tonight, we remember what it feels like to live.”

“Haha… okay, let me get ready.”

“See you in 30…”

She didn’t know what she was in for that night but when I pulled up at her driveway, she emerged out of the darkness in a sexy blue dress and a smile that took my breath away. I briefly fantasized where I would love the night to go.

“Do you always dress like this on a boring night?” I asked.

“Haha… No…” she replied.

“Because if you do, you must really have mistaken the word “boring” for “exciting”.” I informed her.

10 minutes of laughter-filled conversation later, we found ourselves in Fort Canning Park.

“Wait here.” I told her.

I walked over and opened the car door for her.

“Please.” I say, as I extend a hand for her to hold on to and motion for her to step out of the car safely.

I close the car door with my free hand and proceeded to hold her hand. She held my hand like it was the most natural thing in the world. Some might say it was pretty fast for a first date, considering I only met her while window-shopping at the mall 3 days ago, but when things feel right, they just feel right.

I joke that this is the first time I ever went out with a girl. She laughs and says, “Yea right!” I don’t think she believed me, so I continued by saying how I couldn’t sleep last night because if she wanted to kiss me, I would have no idea how to do so. She laughs and calls me crazy. I couldn’t find it in myself to say that she’s wrong. I tell her that I hope she will be kind and tell her friends how good I am at holding hands. We laugh and the night smiles upon us for putting a stop to the stupid jokes we made.

We stand along the edge and admired the beautiful skyline of Singapore. I wrapped my arms around her and exclaim, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yea…” she replies.

I close my eyes and whispered into her ears, “I was talking about you.” She looks away to giggle for 2 seconds and turns back to look at the skyline. Traces of blushing engulf her face. I inhale the scent of her hair and snuggle my nose closer to her ears, telling her that I love the way she smells. We lock eyes and savor the tension of the moment. Our hearts began to beat faster. Our minds began to drown out everything else. The air we breathed began to feel a little colder. I loosened my grip to allow for both of us to face each other.

Her eyes look hungry. What a coincidence, I was feeling a certain sense of hunger myself. I look at her lips and imagine what they would taste like. She watches me as I fantasize. With my left arm, I pulled her closer towards me and raise my right hand to tilt her chin upwards and a little to the side. I closed my eyes and prepared to taste her lips with my own.

As our lips got to know each other better, our hands began to eagerly introduce themselves to our bodies. I bite her upper lip firmly but gently to make way for her tongue join in the fun and our tongues got along like old lovers reunited. I then proceeded to bite her tongue and was overcome by goosebumps at the sound of her moaning.

I am gripping her tighter now. With my hand on her lower back, I push her hard against the ledge as we let our now-thumping hearts control the way we kissed. I run my left hand into her hair, grab a handful of it and pull her head further back while I sat her down and went in between her, spreading her legs with my right hand. A minute later, I pull her back down by her hips and thrust my thigh between her legs. Her breathing gets heavier, her moaning becomes more frequent.

Another minute later, the moaning gets a little too much for me to handle in public and I put a stop to everything. I push her back a little and went towards apologizing for making her drop her bag, which I admittedly forgot all about too. She says it’s okay. But something is different here. Her gaze is significantly more intense and she’s taking deeper breaths. I glance at her from eyes to feet and back up again. She looked at me like I was a piece of meat, I joked to myself and smirked.

“Let’s go for a walk.” I proposed. I grazed the inside of her thighs just under her crotch with the tips of my fingers and apologized shamelessly for mistaking it for her hand. She smiles and flashes me the most amused glare. I walk like I didn’t know what just happened. I feel a little evil, very much the way I like to feel.

As we walked, I asked her to rate how boring the night was on a scale of 1-10, 10 being very interesting. She said it was an 8. I smiled and told her that I enjoyed her company too. She hits me and tells me that I’m thick-skinned. I didn’t know what to think of it, so I took it as a compliment and thanked her again with a kiss on the cheek. We laugh a little.

A minute of walking later, I pulled her in for a hug told her I had an idea of how to bring it up to 10 and asked if she would like to hear it. She says Yes. I brush her hair back to make way for me to whisper into her ears.

“I want to use my hands… slide it under your dress… and feel… how your skin feels like…” She tightens her grip. “I want to kiss your ears…” I said, kissing her ears, “Kiss your neck…” I said, kissing her neck. “Bite your shoulder…” I said, biting the top of her shoulder. As I dig my teeth into her shoulder, she lets out a moan that induces me to let one out too. I slide my hand down her back and gripped firmly onto her firm butt. She lets out another moan and I feel myself becoming less concerned about the possibility of drawing an audience in this public place. She then slides her hand down and starts grabbing my crotch. She’s loving the sounds I’m making. I begin to slowly lose my mind.

As I continued to kiss her, I put her arms around my neck and proceeded to slide my hands down her back, along her butt and down to the back of her knees. I proceeded to lift her off the ground and she complied, wrapping her legs around me, our groin to groin. The kissing gets more frantic now as I laid her down on the grass, got on top of her and thrust my hips against hers. She slides her hand along my back and onto my buttocks and pulls me in harder against her body.

3 minutes later, we are off the ground and off to a frantic scramble to find a place to get our fiery hearts under control.

Sunday nights are the best defence against the Monday blues ;-)

Live and Love,


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