FREE “Win The Dating Game” Workshop

“Win The Dating Game” Workshop by Maverick Man

Proudly presented by Asia’s Top Dating Coach, Founder of Maverick Movement, Xavier See.

Heavily featured in major news agencies all over the world and having taught clients from more than 10 countries worldwide, the only born-and-bred in Singapore Dating Coach, Xavier See, has been at the forefront of the Date Coaching industry here in Asia for the past 4 years with his wildly-successfulbrand of Date Coaching: MAVERICK MAN.

On 26th February 2012, Maverick Man Founder and Master Trainer, Xavier See, invites you to learn some REAL, WORKING secrets to help you “Win The Dating Game“.

Imagine a life where you will :

- NEVER AGAIN be unsure about WHAT TO SAY to a Woman.

- NEVER AGAIN wonder WHAT TO DO when you are with a Woman.

- NEVER AGAIN wonder what a Woman feels about you.

- NEVER AGAIN have to learn COMPLICATED dating advice (which is pretty much ALL the other advice out there…)

- NEVER AGAIN feel fear when meeting and being around Women.

From Singapore Press Holdings to Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, Maverick Man has helps hundreds of both Male AND female clients achieve understanding and success in their dating lives.

The MAIN REASON for Maverick Man’s fame is because of its SIMPLE, UNCOMPLICATED yet EFFECTIVE training methodology.

The truth is, most of the dating advice you see out there is RE-HASHED. It is just traditional communication and Pick-Up skills re-packaged for the Singaporean and Asian audience. Even worse, most of all that advice is really, really complicated… AND UNNECESSARY. If MAVERICK MAN was to do the same thing, there would be no point for its existence.

SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE : 3 Hours To Success. Maverick Man on The Straits Times, Singapore's most-widely circulated newspaper

Over at MAVERICK MAN, we have a methodology that has proven to be refreshingly simple and effective. We do not believe in giving you techniques or lessons that serve as an ALTERNATIVE to your challenges. Instead, we choose to help our clients UNDERSTAND exactly what their problems are and GUIDE THEM towards facing up to them and SUCCESSFULLY OVERCOMING THEM.

It is no wonder why MAVERICK MAN is always at the TOP of the Date Coaching scene.

At “Win The Dating Game” Workshop, Xavier is going to teach you:

- How to UNDERSTAND the way Men and Women behave towards each other.

- How to SOLVE THE PROBLEM of NOT KNOWING what to say to a Woman in any situation.

- How to NEVER BE LOST when wondering what to do with a Woman.

- How to get a Woman’s number in ONE-MINUTE. (as DEMONSTRATED on Singapore’s most popular TV talk show on Channel 5)

- How to WIN THE DATING GAME even before you begin speaking to a Woman (lethal lesson… use with caution!)

- The #1 MOST EFFECTIVE factor that will consistently help you sweep a Woman off her feet.

- How to STAY MOTIVATED to improve with Women (99% of people give up too soon… Xavier has been at it for 4 years and he will tell you HOW to do it!)

- The world-renowned MAVERICK MAN “Reach, Conversion, Retention” Methodology

Win The Dating Game” is NOT YOUR TYPICAL SEMINAR. In fact, the moment you step into the venue for this workshop, you will understand exactly why MAVERICK MAN has not only been the leader of this industry, but also why Maverick Man has REVOLUTIONIZED the Date Coaching industry.

There are only going to be 15 SEATS for this workshop, so act fast before all the seats get snapped up!

Date: 26th February 2012

Time : 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location : Marina Bay CBD Area

To secure your seat today, send an e-mail to with the following details:

Name :

Age :

E-mail :

Profession :

Description Of Your Dating Life in The Past 1 Year :

Where You Heard Of Us :

*** Further details of the location will be sent to you upon successful registration. Please note that once we reach full capacity for the Workshop, we will proceed to put all later applications on a waiting list. So hurry now to avoid disappointment! ***

We are looking forward to working with you!

“Excellence is a CHOICE. Make it YOURS!”

Maverick Movement Team

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