Conveyance for Effortless Attraction (Part I)

Readers of my blog would notice that most of the reports from me and my clients have one thing in common : it seems like we have it easy with most of the Women we meet. Our success rate when it comes to starting interactions with Women is remarkable. Today, I would like to share with you readers exactly how we manage to do that.

Conveyance for Effortless Attraction

Conveyance refers to the details that you communicate to others about yourself.

Like it or not, Men and Women are opinionated. They form impressions about one another in their heads within seconds. Conveyance is a Maverick Man tool designed to help a Woman form a positive opinion of you.

There are 3 types of Conveyance in existence. In this post, I will reveal the first type of Conveyance :

1) What You Don’t Say…

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the Game begins when the Man and Woman begin to speak. This is not true. The Game begins even before a word is spoken. The Game begins when you first set eyes on each other, and forming a good impression in a Woman’s head before you speak to her really tilts the whole Game in your favor.

Line-Of-Sight (LOS)

Line-Of-Sight is some pretty lethal, high-level technology we got here at Maverick Man. Strong understanding of Line-Of-Sight will empower you with great foresight that will make you a better Ladies’ Man for yourself and your friends. LOS is a skill that we teach in great detail during our Masterclass and GOLD CLASS as it is the development of a level of awareness so sharp and reliable that it leaves no room for failure. It’s kinda like how Sherlock Holmes (played by the ever-charming Robert Downey Jr.) envisions how his fights will turn out, except that in the Maverick Man context, it’s about how the night with your Woman/Women will turn out.

Line-Of-Sight is about conveying the positive elements about you and your Entourage as well as having the awareness to make sure the bad elements (your drunk friends, any friend in Crocs) stay hidden. Some good elements that you want to convey to her would be :

Good Swagger

- sharp, calibrated dressing (conveys impressiveness through good taste and strong attention to detail)

- immaculate grooming(conveys impressiveness through good taste and strong attention to detail)

- masculine physique (conveys masculinity, health and discipline)

Good Vibe

- fun, hearty smiles… not too goofy! (conveys fun and social success)

- handshakes, high-fives (conveys fun and social success)

- strong and certain body language (conveys leadership and certainty)

- calibrated behavior eg. having fun, dancing in a club (conveys that you know what you are doing)

Good Social Credibility

- Wingwomen (arguably the most effective positive element to have, the more attractive, the better. Conveys your social success with the Ladies and that you are a good catch)

- Cool wingmen (conveys that times will be fun and smooth when every guy knows what they are doing)

- Cool friends in the area (conveys Social success, shows that people should like you)

- Good location in the club (conveys Power and Importance)

- Receiving special service (getting VIP entry, guest-lists at clubs conveys Power and importance)

When It All Comes Together…

When Women see that you are a cool, fun guy who knows what he is doing and having uninhibited fun, with cool male and female friends, who are socially successful with friends all over the club, the question is no more about how you are going to meet Women. It will be about WHEN you finally decide to speak to a Woman who has been anticipating your interaction with her ;-)

In my next post, I will be explaining the 2nd type of Conveyance. If you readers have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail or take the trendy path and add me on Skype.

I’ll talk to you guys soon ;-)

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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One response to “Conveyance for Effortless Attraction (Part I)

  1. Good advice and format for newbies.

    Also made a key point in saying that game doesn’t behind when we open our mouths but before(in other words).That’s so true.

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