Happy Holidays! 4 Korean Girls Teach Us 3 Golden Lessons

What up people!

I hope that all you readers are having a great time this festive season as well! I hear that it’s been raining quite a bit in Singapore but based on the reports that have been coming in from my Alumni, one thing’s for sure : Singapore is far from having its spirits dampened!

Before you read on, here’s an update for all of you guys who have e-mailed me but are taking their time to reply their e-mails. I know it’s the holiday season but I’ve got news for you guys:


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Quickfire Lessons and Story

Falling in line with the Xmas mood, I am going to share with you guys some quickfire lessons that are effective and easy to implement for this holiday season. It ties in with a story that happened just 4 days ago on 23rd December 2011, right when I was coaching my Skype client while seated in the hotel lobby. Read on…

Lesson 1 : Awareness & Calibration

Most, if not all, people are aware that it is the Christmas season… and Christmas is an amazing holiday. The prices of your favorite things go down, you get more free time to spend with your friends… and suddenly, everyone becomes warm, friendly and nice. It seems like anywhere in the world, saying “Merry Christmas” is guaranteed to get you a positive response.

This is awesome news for anyone who wants to start conversations with Women! If you calibrate the way you start conversations with Women and it fits well into the current situation you are in, you are bound to be off to a good start. Saying something that’s obviously on her mind and that she can agree with will get you a “YES” response. This is why “Stating the Obvious” is one of the best ways to start conversations with a Woman. (Click Here to read one of my posts on How to Approach Women effectively)

24th December 2011 – 2 Korean Girls = 4 Korean Girls

I was in the middle of coaching a client on Skype, I noticed 2 cute Korean girls who came to take a seat at the opposite side of the bench I was seated at. The moment I ended my call, I stood up and stretched my body too loosen myself up after sitting down for too long. I then turned to look at them and they returned my glance.

The moment I caught them looking back, I just said, “Hi, Merry Christmas!” with a warm smile. They replied very positively and enthusiastically. We introduced ourselves and made natural, merry conversation.

Lesson 2 : Be Prepared – Have A Game Plan

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

The truth is, more than 95% of Men in the world are simply UNPREPARED for success with Women. Generally, most people (non-Maverick Man enthusiasts :-P) go out with the following thought in their head :

- I am just gonna go out and do my thing/run my game and see how it goes.

I’ve got news for you Mr. See-How-It-Goes : It usually never goes anywhere. In the past 24 years of my life, one of the GREATEST lessons I have ever learned is that IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, THE BEST WAY IS TO GET IT YOURSELF. Sure, you can rely on your friends but they probably don’t want what you want as much as you do.

When I go out, I am ALWAYS READY with a Game Plan in mind. At the very least, my Alumni and I always have a basic Game Plan when opportunity arises. A Basic Game Plan consists of :

- Isolation Location : where you are going to take a girl you meet.

- Transport : how are you going to get there.

- “Excuse” : A back-up excuse for why you are taking her to you Isolation Location.

2 Korean Girls = 4 Korean Girls

So after talking for about 5 minutes, I established one thing : After 5 minutes, our good time just keeps getting better. It’s gonna be uphill from here, I believed. So I decided to craft a simple, spontaneous Basic Game Plan. I told them that I wanted to grab a drink. Being Christmas eve, most places were closed so the only place that was going to be open for sure was the Casino about 10 minutes away.

They hesitated for a second. I basically summed up, in one sentence, all their logistical concerns that I anticipated they would bring up:

“Okay, you guys aren’t crazy and I need a drink. I have to pack my stuff so you girls have 10 minutes to get your stuff before we head over to my car and hang out at J*******.”

a. I established that we do not find each other creepy, in this case I said Crazy because it was a more easily understood word.

b. I established that I had a game plan, that I knew where we could go, what we could do and that I was going to drive over.

c. I gave them the time they needed to “freshen up” (the excuse… while they figure out their game plan, pack their room, doll up, change into nicer underwear etc.)

They both looked at each other. (this means that at least one of them is interested in the idea but in this case, both were) They then said, “Okay, see you!”

So I proceeded to pack my stuff and lo-and-behold : another 2 cute Korean girls walk past the lobby. I locked my eyes on them and waited expectantly for them to look back. And of course they did. (Golden Nugget : When girls notice you looking, they often, at the very least, try to steal a glance ;-)) So, same thing, I smiled and said “Merry Christmas” and they responded positively and enthusiastically too.

I decided that 2 girls for that night was good enough for me so I said, “See you around!” and let them be.

What Do You Know…

A few minutes later, I saw one of the first 2 girls, JH, walk into the lobby. She waved over at me and I shot her a wink. A second later, girl #2 walks in… with the 2 other girls who I talked to just minutes before at the lobby. Turns out that they were all friends that were traveling together.

“Long time no see!”, I said. This was not what I expected. 2 girls could be tricky already but 4 girls is something else. But it didn’t change the fact that I knew my END GOAL :

- I won’t take them to my house because I didn’t want to wake my family.

- I didn’t want to spend money on a hotel since I could use theirs.

- I WANT them to take me to their room. To blast aside all their inhibitions and actually make ALL of them be COOL with the fact that I was going to go back with at least one of them.

Lesson 3 : Have an END GOAL (crucial, crucial)

Having an END GOAL is important. A lot of things can happen when you are out. There could be an additional number of guys/girls, it may start to rain or in one extreme case that Jordon will tell you about, your girl’s bodyguard shows up haha. But you have to know what you END GOAL is. You have to know what you are playing towards. It is better to set a goal and fail to accomplish it. This is because, if circumstances change and you get flustered, not knowing what the hell to do next, you are going to slowly lose more and more control of the situation.)

So the game begins. My solution for a scenario which involves more than 2 girls is always the same : Make them all like me. How do I do that? Like my Masterclass and Gold Class students do in their Inception Drills, I just make sure I let them know how much I like them.

Long story short, we had drinks and some fun at the Casino. By the time the night was over, JH invited me over to their room for drinks, with the other 3 girls enthusiastically encouraging me to say “Yes” as well.

Sigh, what other choice does a Gentleman have in response to such a situation?

More details up on our Alumni forum ;-)


It’s December, the season to be jolly (amongst many other things…). I am writing this post after an awesome 5 days spent here with my family here in Gold Coast, Australia. I could not have asked for a better holiday. Throughout the year, I had the good fortune of being able to spend lots of time with my friends, the Maverick Movement team, the Alumni, dates, associates… add the fact that I got my own place some time in April this year, I feel like I have missed my family dearly.

Whipping up Xmas dinner for my family @ home

Having this opportunity to spend time with them in this beautiful, beautiful city has been nothing short of magnificent. We had a great time whipping up meals together in the kitchen, a BBQ by the pool, going on road trips to explore Australia, shopping and kicking ass at the Casino.

Thank you for being the best family I could ever have.

Alright folks, I hope you guys had a great time reading that. It’s a few minutes to 4:30am here and I’ve got a jogging date at Miami Beach, Gold Coast in a couple of hours so I am going to need to sleep.

Once again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and be sure to check out my blog again for a very, very special post on 1st January 2012!

Live and Love,




Skype: xavierrrr

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  1. Sounds good man.I like what y’all delivering.

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