Post World Domination Thoughts : Hong Kong (Part I)

MAVERICK MAN is the FUTURE for Men.”

The words that I began my campaign in Hong Kong with.

Big words to fulfill, no doubt. But if the experiences from the past 3 years of being regarded as one of Asia’s top local Dating Coaches have proved anything, then these words, however big they are, are the TRUTH. And what better way than to do so than in true-blue Maverick Man fashion in one of Asia’s finest cities : the amazing city of Hong Kong.

If you have even the slightest interest in becoming an extraordinary Ladies’ Man and lead a fulfilling life as a Man, then read the next paragraph very carefully :

We have an internal belief within the community that the reason why Maverick Man clients are achieving miraculous results day-in, day-out, left, right and center, is because we attract only a certain kind of crowd. While most dating schools and academies love giving fancy advice, suggestions and more information… those things only serve as ALTERNATIVES to problems. These impersonal programs are absolutely NO MATCH for the specific training that we give to our clients simply because we are the only company that gives our clients real SOLUTIONS to their issues. In the process, I have pissed clients off. I have made them feel like shit… some even get driven to tears. In fact, I will continue to do so.


Because problems are not to be taken LIGHTLY. They are to be FACED UP TO AND DEALT WITH.

You don’t need to learn some new system or perspective. You just need to face up to your fears, handle areas of your life that are CRITICAL to you so that you BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN ATTRACTIVENESS. After that, all you have to do is “BE YOURSELF”. Heard that before?

My client this weekend was a very young, successful entrepreneur hailing from an Ivy league school in the US. Like I said, our clients are not your regular crowd. People with reputations to uphold, who cannot afford inefficiency… being out there approaching random Women on the streets or clubs for hours with poor, inconsistent results. These people should be having the girls working FOR THEM. These people are champions in life. They KNOW that they deserve more. This is why they sought me out. Because as featured in the media over and over again, I have proven time and again that I can get you the most within the least amount of time.

After arriving from the magical city of Macau, we checked into our rooms at the Lan Kwai Fong clubbing district of Hong Kong. We then made our way over to IFC Mall, where our adventure began…

IFC Mall, Hong Kong. Where they filmed the Dark Knight!

In the space of 3 hours, students are brought into the world of the 24/7 Attractive Man. This usually results in our students to “malfunction”. Brilliant as our boy, let’s call him Nolan, is, he couldn’t help but malfunction too. Nothing to be ashamed about, it happened to me too way back in my Masterclass in 2007! The universe that we have created here at 24/7 Attractive Man Asia has an uncanny way of inspiring people who first step through our doors. After the first phase of training, where we went through the basics of Presentation, Awareness and The 5 Attributes, we proceeded to have dinner together before we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the night.

Night #1

Remember this photo?

For those of you who are on my Facebook, you would have seen this picture. Barely 5 minutes after landing, my SG Crew Captain Laveen met a girl at the airport and set up a meeting for Saturday night. I won’t say what happened but all I know is that when I came knocking on his door at 8:30pm, he was with the girl in his room and could not come the door… (full story and many more, including video lay-reports, at the Alumni-Only Singapore Crew page)


Jiron, Nolan and I headed to Tsui Wah restaurant just outside Lan Kwai Fong to meet up with Laveen and his chick (let’s call her “Candy”), who brought a cute Latin Dancer chick by the name of… “Penny”, who also brought another girl by the name of “Jaz”. We then headed to the famous/infamous Beijing Club.

What happened that night proceeded to blow the clients mind. The first night is always Reality-Breaker night, where we showcased and got the client to join us as we gave him a taste of what it means to be a Maverick Man. We practiced the basics from starting conversations seamlessly to basic dancefloor game, which was really the winning skill set for the entire Hong Kong campaign. It’s all about conversion guys, and tonight, Nolan got to know what being a true Ladies’ Man and all-round cool guy was all about.

After a wacky night out filled with awesome stories (like Jiron’s game of kiss-hide-and-seek for example haha) and experiences with awesome people, we capped off the night with dinner dates set for the next day before heading out to check out the night scene on a unpredictable Sunday night.

Day Two : The Streets

To be continued…

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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