May Update!

What up people!

I hope everyone’s doing awesome. It’s been 2 weeks of long-weekends in a row and I have to say, it’s something I can easily get used to haha. This festive season  had me partying and living it up harder than I normally do. First there was that trip to Macau, where I had a quick 1-day Swagger Coaching session with a client and reader of my blog. The next day, I crossed the border to the fine city of Zhuhai, China.

Zhuhai, China

It was there that I met up with some very distant relatives for the first time in my entire life. It was an amazing and heart-warming affair for me and I am very thankful for the experience. Then, there was the story of the KFC bicycles…

KFC BICYCLES... the reason I almost got into a fight hahaha

So today, I find myself at my desk once again, delivering my unique programming about the dating Game in Asia. I have just written 2 articles on dating advice for WOMEN (yes, the day has come haha…) where I shared my views on “How to tell if a Man is The One?” and “How To Catch A Man’s Attention.” It was for a reputable publication in Singapore so as soon as that goes “live”, I’ll be sure to share it on my blog and you can share with your female friends and loved ones.

I might also be appearing on a live radio show on Thursday from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Details are not confirmed yet but I will be sure to drop a video blog entry as soon as I receive confirmation. That will be a program you readers will want to tune in to because I will be dropping not just valuable lessons on dating but on life and success as well. I will elaborate further on how I went from an obese, unmotivated 17 year old school drop out to who I am today.

I will also be featuring on a Singaporean media channel by for a fun and engaging segment where I will be giving dating advice to a Man and a Woman and helping them have the best time ever with each other. That is a project for the later part of the month so as always, stay tuned to Google’s number 1 Singaporean dating coach blog, A Life To Love!

In the meantime, be sure to look out for my 3rd video blog entry of all time within the week. I will be answering a question from the How To Have A Successful Dating Life series about lifestyle. It was a good question because most people think that so long as you have an awesome lifestyle, you will be good with Women. While that can help a great deal, that is NOT the perspective you should adopt. I will be going into detail what it is about an awesome lifestyle that Women look at so that you guys can get a clearer picture of how to build your lifestyle and convey it in a way that Women will find it attractive.

Until then, have a pleasant (and short, yay) week ahead!

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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