Impromptu Update By Popular Demand!

What up people!

It has only been a few days but the response for this article series has been phenomenal. It is heartening to see my viewership statistics jumping each time and I would like to thank everyone for spreading the love and advice! Now, before I actually jump into the post, I am going to answer a few questions I’ve received :

Bro, thank you for the obvious but often over-looked stuff you mentioned on your site… I was wondering if there is anything you would single out specifically to focus on with regards to developing a reputation? thanks xav!!” – ZY

Thanks for allowing me to share this question with everyone on the blog, ZY. Certainly. If there was ONE important thing which I would single out to get you started on developing a reputation, it would be PRESENTATION.

The way you present yourself is monumental towards the kind of reputation you will develop. Impressions are for amateurs, gunning for a short-term win. Real winners go for developing a REPUTATION. Case in point, imagine if you only make an effort to look sharp on weekends. When a Woman sees you on a weekday, portraying a picture of shabbiness, she would probably think to herself, “Thank Goodness I won’t be seeing that guy again!

When it comes to presentation, I would cite 3 key factors that should work together to allow for development of great presentation.

1) The Way I Walk : Dressing And Grooming

David Beckam : One of my Style Icons

This is truly one of the most OBVIOUS and MONUMENTAL aspects to building a reputation. I know of 2 friends within my Entourage, who are always sharply dressed to the nines when they go out. It is no surprise why they have a stellar reputation among the managements of the top-brass clubs as well as the social elite. Unfortunately, most people KNOW this but tend to :

- Not want to go through the trouble to invest in a quality wardrobe.

- Because it’s such a seemingly easy-to-accomplish factor, Men tend to place an emphasis on other more difficult areas, entirely forgetting all about this.

- “I’ll do it later” mentality (epic problem…)

If you haven’t already done so, it’s HIGH-TIME to take care of your wardrobe. THROW OUT all that old stuff you are never going to wear. Believe me, I donated 5 boxes of clothes and still had a lot of clothes left. But seeing all that empty space inspired me to actually go out there to develop my wardrobe further. Seeing that you have more space and opportunities to do so can be all the motivation you need.

After you are ready to develop your wardrobe, study the various fashion styles that appeal to you. At 24/7 Attractive Man, our fashion focus is on only selected fashion styles. The styles we adopt have one main aim : To appeal to Women. This means getting our guys more stares from Women and more invitations to approach them when the boys are out. There is too much to go into detail here but if you are serious about developing a fashion sense that are guaranteed to get you second-glances from Women, drop me an e-mail about Swagger Coaching with me and a reputable Style Consultant today.

2) The Way I Talk : The Way I Sound

If I had a hammer in my hand right now, I’d probably end up smashing my laptop to smithereens right now. THIS factor is in my opinion, the MOST OVERLOOKED factor in the entire seduction world. While most people are caught up in learning WHAT to say, they forget that it really is more important to watch HOW you come across when you say it. Seriously, ask any Woman this. A Man with an alluring voice is as rare as a public toilet in Bugis Street.

One of the main focuses on my Private Instruction programs is voice development. There are 4 things to take note of when it comes to developing a voice that Women love :

1) Voice Inflection

2) Pacing

3) Articulation

4) Tonality

Actually, I would attribute much of our consistent success in daytime scenarios to the fact that our students’ focus are set on building solid basics. Having a great voice is a basic but the truth is, a Man with strong foundational basics is hard to come by.

The other thing to take note of is of course the words that come out of your mouth. That would mean being able to flow in conversation as well as recognizing the high points so that you know when to take the lead. Sounds simple? Honestly, it isn’t meant to be difficult in the first place. You just gotta know what is NECESSARY to focus on ;-)

3) The Way I Am : The “Me” Experience

When you look and sound like a Man who is worthy of a Woman’s interest, the final factor to take note of is to know what you are about. At 24/7 Attractive Man, knowing who you are and what you are about is termed as defining your Identity.

I wrote extensively about developing your Identity some time in December. Check out Part I and Part II.

Alright folks, once again, many thanks for the awesome response. Nothing motivates me more than an enthusiastic audience so leave me your comments, drop me an e-mail or get me on Skype if you have something to say or ask about. Day One of Private Instruction weekend has already ended and our boy has already learned the art of dominating the club and CONSISTENTLY pulling a make-out while he was at it. It’s been a captivating first night for us indeed and I cannot wait to see how Day Two of Private Instruction weekend is going to turn out. (Click here to find out what our hottest program, Private Instruction, is all about!)

These are really exciting times for 24/7 Attractive Man Singapore and I am honored to be bringing you the first-hand details of these great times. Be sure to tune in for How to Develop A Successful Dating Life (Part II) within the next few days. Until then, have a smashing weekend ;-)

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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  1. words of pure wisdom and knowledge. Master Xavier!

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