Back Home in Singapore with Updates

What up playa pimps!

On the Thailand portion The Highlife Experience (The ULTIMATE training program)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve had a busy travel schedule and I just got back home yesterday. It’s been one hell of a start to the year for me honestly. In the span of the last 30 days, I’ve traveled from Taiwan to Thailand, to Barcelona to Valencia to Paris… where I stood about 10 metres away from Lady Gaga. Damn was I star-struck lol! Come to think of it, it’s been a hectic season of traveling for the entire 24/7 Attractive Man teaching team. We’ve had Shane Groove (our newly-minted US Instructor) and of course, the big boss Troy Dizon, headed over to Manila for the wildly successful Dating Decoded seminar. There have been a good number of reviews coming in from the seminar but I’d like to single out Sean General’s review as the most in-depth one to give you guys the clearest of idea of what you can expect from a LIVE program with us. Check it out right now if you haven’t already! Dating Decoded in Singapore, anyone?


Man, it’s that time of the year again. Every time Troy is in town, it hypes the crap out of me. We’ve had some wild times together in the past 3 years we’ve known each other. On a personal note, I gain a large chunk of learning experiences whenever I have the opportunity to roll with him. I’m psyched that he’ll be here in under 30 days and I am looking forward to seeing the next batch of Masterclass students in March! I remember when I was a student, right after my own Masterclass, I wanted to be the best damn dating coach here in Singapore. Well, from what I’ve achieved so far at the age of 23 years old… I cannot complain. 2011 is another year to keep doing what we are doing and the 24/7 Attractive Man movement is only going to get stronger. You can either be a spectator or conquer the field together with us!

I took some screen-shots of some of the texts the boys got from the last Masterclass. There is a whole archive of screen shots, videos and reports to laugh about on our private Facebook group and The War Room forums. Here are some of the latest ones…

One of the most disturbing ones ever hahaha

How's that for Teamwork lol



We were sold-out for the Masterclass a month before it began but we are now opening ONE MORE additional slot so if anyone is interested in changing their lives today, do not hesitate to drop me and e-mail at immediately.

If you sign-up through here, I’ll be giving you the links to the ALUMNI-ONLY password-protected Dancefloor Game video as well as the Taiwan Mayhem video (which is the rage right now amongst the Alumni and some lair people from Taiwan and China… 132 views for a PASSWORD-PROTECTED VIDEO??? LOL).

Private Instruction Schedule

My Private Instruction schedule has been updated. For the current enquiries, please take a look at the available dates and choose one accordingly.

Up till today, Private Instruction has been (and will always be), the hottest thing on offer at 24/7 Attractive Man. Don’t take my word for it, read my testimonials and see for yourself. A FULLY-CUSTOMIZED program tailor-made just for you… seriously, if there is anything more effective and efficient than that, please sign my ass up for that too.

Alright fellas, now that I’m going to be back here for a week, you can expect some content coming your way in the next few days. I’ll talk to y’all soon!

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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