Overwhelming Times

What up people!

I hope everyone’s doin’ good. As you guys already know, it’s been 10 days since my appearance on The Strait’s Times and things have been buzzin’ buzzin’ ever since. (Check out the article online)I also broke my hand a few weeks back but miraculously, I am on a light-speed road to recovery. As such, all my re-scheduled PIs will go on as planned. The hype from the article really saw my traffic shoot up by almost 13 times and I have been getting a lot of people contacting me via Skype and even Facebook.

The 24/7 Attractive Man Singapore Crew

First of all, many thanks to the enthusiastic support, it is much appreciated. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the the support I get from my loved ones, my crew and even the general public. I think I have to say a special thank you to my clients, my band of brothers.The success that you guys work so hard to attain are the true testament to my ability and eventual success. Having been the top gun for this field for some time now, I’d say what sets us apart from other companies is truly our results. You guys know it, this is THE crew and at the rate we are always progressing, it’s gonna stay that way for a long, long time.

With the staggering interest for booking Private Instructions coming in, I have proceeded to forecast the PI schedule all the way up till March 2011. Hopefully that will answer the enquires of the guys out there who want to take up a PI with an installment plan.

A Dream Come True… Free Motivational Talks!

I have some exciting news to share… but first, a short lead-in to what I’m gonna talk about. Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a person who could give people a better tomorrow. I never thought I would find my niche in the dating field. But with the power of my passion, belief and an inspiring mentor, I took the industry by storm. It’s hard to believe that I only became a coach for 24/7 Attractive Man in April 2009. In the space of less than 2 years, my success and that of my clients have been featured on every reputable public media platform, from The Strait’s Times all the way to prime time television on Channel News Asia.

Personally, for a guy at the age of 23, this was clearly a miracle. Through these accelerated learning experiences, I was able to break down the steps to my success. I always had a dream of being an inspiration to the young people out there and I would like to dedicate my success and knowledge to them. As such, I would like to announce that in early December 2010, I will be launching my very own Self-Improvement company called Success Initiative. While I am currently working on writing my first book which focuses on helping people learn to let their passions work for them, I am excited to announce the first to my FREE fortnightly initiative called the Triad Of Champions.

We are talking about free fortnightly motivational talks, open to the public. Our dream is to unite the Champions of tomorrow to build a living, breathing culture of success in all aspects of life. The Triad Of Champions will see free fortnightly talks given by professionals of respective fields coming together to share their insights and knowledge gained from their successful fields. I will be headlining the first talk, with the topic being “Natural Attraction : Dating”.

We are working hard on the back end to make this the most solid self-improvement support group out there. Do stay tuned for the details coming up next week.

Until then, have a powerful, powerful week ahead!

Live and Love,




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