Sexual Escalation Breakdown by Captain Daniel

What’s up guys,

2 weeks on from the TDD Singapore City Tour and I find myself done with military reservist, ready for yet another PI in my sunny hometown of Singapore tomorrow. The 3 weeks in camp saw me in the middle of both the “WTF” night as well as our Saturday Night Shakedown (Part I of the report by Jordon). To all you readers, please take note that I have moved all my Twitter updates to another account so add me up on my handle, @omgitsxav right now for a glimpse into my thoughts and life.

Captain Daniel "monster" MILFton

Daniel has also created a Twitter account so be sure to add him up, his handle is @miltonmonster so show him some love on Twitter. Speaking of Daniel, he has just written an awesome post on his Sexual Escalation style. By the end of this post, you will realize why we call him Daniel “monster” MILFton(see the amount of sexual innuendo in that?!) He has an amazing style of Sexual Escalation which has left many a by-stander in awe. I will not forget the time Daniel and Troy tag-teamed a pair of gorgeous ladies during my Masterclass. They were hot enough for the bouncer at Rebel actually let all 6 of us into the club that Saturday night just because the girls asked. As a Falcon Candidate and a TDD Apprentice Instructor, expect some insightful posts and great stuff coming from him.

Without further ado, here is his post :

Hey guys,

as far as escalation goes, here’s what I believe and its worked for me well so far.

Be a Man who embraces his Sexuality


You are a man, and you’ll lead till the day you die. I hear many comments and objections being brought up regarding social norms and expected behaviours. As opposed to looking at them as obstacles or things that are in your way, why not use them as part of the seduction.


I’m with a girl in her car, she’s driving me after we had some drinks over at the restaurant, during my time with her in the bar, I keep my hands off for the most part, but I let my body language and my eyes do the talking. I insinuate, I suggest, I call out and I paint to her what would happen later, but I do nothing about it there and then. Because I’m in a classy restaurant, the lights aren’t dimmed and there is no table cloth for me to stroke her thigh or rest her foot on mine. I guide the interaction where I want it to go.

It’s not about showing that you’re sexual rather than BEING sexual.


We talk about many things, sex included, when it comes down to talking about sex, the tone or atmosphere doesn’t change, I see her dressed to kill that night and she knows I take my fun very seriously. Sooner or later the question pops up “where are we going later?” This is our second night out and I tell her “my place is out of bounds, and yours is too far, let’s head out to the beach.” She nods and we carry on like two normal people in a restaurant, looking at each other like we’re going to do it anytime.

My intentions are never murky, she won’t usually know how it would go down, but she knows its going down. Be a sexual object in her eyes, when she looks at you does she think that you’d be great to be friends with and pour out all her troubles when all her other girlfriends are busy doing it with other guys and you’re the only one close at hand or does she look at you and think that maybe -her- friends can’t get to her because she is too busy doing you.

I won’t lie here, you’ll have to put work in yourself, when you look in the mirror can you comfortably say “I’d f**k me”. If you can, you’re well on your way.

Don't be shy about your appreciation for a Woman! Fortune favours the Bold!

Its awkward for her if its awkward for you. ( X=X works both ways)


She asks me as we are driving down the road towards the beach whether I find it weird that we’re moving so fast and that my hand is stroking her inner thigh and moving dangerously close to the underside of her boob. I tell her she’s welcome.

Too many people sex is a taboo subject, for you it shouldn’t be. Remember the thing about leading? From the past example 1, she’s given you windows, if you don’t lead from there, or you don’t lead ever, don’t expect her to pull the trigger. I always believe that for the first instance we meet, its up to me to pull the trigger. Unless its a seasoned milf, which then it ends up that she does it, which will make you wonder why you thought of so much steps and contingencies when she stopped you 10 steps short.

Women want men.

We get closer to the beach and there are many traffic lights along the way, during the stops I place her hands on me and tell her to go ahead. She does it, we’re chatting like its entirely normal to behave this way.

I get away with a lot with this in mind. You think I’m the only one who feels like kissing and doing her? Thing is, she probably feels like doing it to me far more than I want to do it to her, its funny how they sigh in relief after its done and you know they’re glad you took the first step so they could take it with you. Matter of the fact is women probably want sex more than men do, only difference is that they want only -good- sex. That, you’re on your own for training.

Closing is mutual, its a win win


We end up in the beach, turns out she had it all planned out, towels in the back and some good times in the sand.

Sex is not a favour, never think of it that way. You’re doing both of yourselves a favour, in fact I think it rude if a girl takes all the effort, dresses up, comes out to meet me, ready to kill and I send her home empty handed, its rude, unethical and disrespectful. It is true some windows open for awhile and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I hope this helps you out man, fortune favours the bold.


LIVE Private Instruction Updates

Wanna watch us meet Women in the Bookstore?

You’ve heard about it.

You’ve read about it.

You’ve seen videos about it.

You’ve met the success stories that come from it.

That’s right, I’m talking about TDD’s Private Instruction classes. As any of our Alumni will tell you, it ain’t no vacation, no walk in the park. It’s an experience that is hard to actually put down in words. Tomorrow, as we prepare for an AWESOME SURPRISE for the TDD Masterclass in July, we will be embarking on our first ever LIVE Private Instruction documentation. You will get to see the inner-workings of what goes on during the PI program, the thoughts of the people in attendance and witness first-hand an evolution in terms of character, confidence and RESULTS.

If you are keen on this ground-breaking event that’s gonna happen, be sure to add us up on Twitter. My handle is @omgitsxav , Daniel’s is @miltonmonster and Jordon’s is @jordonng . Follow our trend by searching for us using our trending topic, #TDDPI .

We work hard and we play hard. Here’s a short preview of what you can expect from the PI weekend tomorrow :

Alright folks, good times ahead. Catch you guys on Twitter this weekend or otherwise, tune in next week for regular programing!

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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