Why Dating Agencies Don’t Make Sense To Me

What’s up guys,

Thought I would pop in with this post I wrote while I was having some alone time in the airport while on transit in Bangkok after a PI in China. I am currently undergoing military re-service at Khatib Camp so time is pretty tight. You can expect a slew of updates after I am done on 6th June 2010.

It’s a fast-growing trend in our local Singaporean culture. Some (mostly marketing and advertising people) will say that it is no longer taboo to sign-up for a Dating Agency. While I believe this is a truth for some people, the general population here still feels that there is some stigma involved. Signing up for a dating agency is like saying that “you have given up”. Well, I really believe in the White Belt mentality, where I set aside my ego and adopt a humble approach to learning, being mentored or schooled in ways to success. That is what made me sign-up for training with Troy Dizon Dating in the first place. It’s fine to feel uncertain and to seek help but it is pretty stupid to look for the wrong type of help.

This post is dedicated to my friend of many years who only recently found out about my date coaching practice. With this post, I am going to save him a good SGD$1200 on 12 dates with people who might end up going no-where.

I am not saying it is wrong to sign-up for dating agencies (though I’m not saying it is wise), I just feel that it’s a responsibility as a Dating Coach to have to point out a few things to anyone who’s ever thought of signing-up with a dating agency.

1) Even if you did land a date through an agency, are you even sure you would like the person?

Awkward Much?

People usually purchase 6-12 dates at a go for more than thousand bucks. After having paid that fee, they are paired up using a ridiculous process of pairing people up according to facts that a group of people see on paper. If it really is so simple, the fact that I tick the “Male” column would make me eligible to all people who tick the “Female” column. I would lie and make me seem perfect on paper to snag the best catches… oh wait, that’s if everyone has hasn’t already done it… damn, another over-promising, under-delivering date.

That’s SGD$1200 down the drain, not bettering your situation because at the end of the day, you didn’t get closer to what you want. To quote Barrack Obama : “We cannot keep on doing the same things and hope that somehow things will change for the better.”

2) Going to a dating agency is like going to a clothing store and asking for a shirt in size L. The salesperson (dating agency) might have size L (Asian, European, American size) which might fit you, but usually not perfectly. They will then try to sell you something you didn’t want in the first place,

“Thanks for paying me before I gave you what you were looking for. Unfortunately sir, we don’t have size L (the Maggie Q girl) you are looking for… why don’t you take this size M (Ugly Betty) instead because you don’t have much of a choice.”

Because you made an investment already, you SETTLE. If you are a SETTLER, then the TDD way is not for you. Best you leave now and never come back until you respect yourself enough to fight for what you want.

Coming to TDD is like going to a tailor. You want a size L? Let me tell you something mate. There is danger in the details. Let me make sure your sleeves are of the right fit and length, your collars complement your neck and face and the fit of the shirt complements your physique. There is not one-size-fits-all solution in the world of dating that can beat a fully personalized and customized development plan that is catered to YOU. Let me not help you find a solution to your problem, let me make you succeed magnificently.

We don’t set you up on a date. Instead, we teach you how to find and set up your own dates anytime, anywhere.

3) I have never signed up for one. My Alumni have never signed up for one. We are no different from you. In fact, just a few years/months back and we were probably in worst situations than you. Uncertain, unemployed, under-nourished. Okay maybe not under-nourished. Fast forward to today, we are leading dating lives as healthy as an overweight baby.

If you had the chance to MASTER skills to consistently and successfully meet new people in everyday settings (bookstores, department stores all the way to clubs), would you really need to go to a dating agency?

Meeting Women in The Daytime is not difficult, it’s actually a lot of fun.

The answer is NO. And if you want to learn those skills, you should begin today without paying a cent by clicking on my Resources page and begin taking some small but important initial steps towards taking control of your dating life. I am not competing with Dating Agencies here because frankly, TDD is LIGHT-YEARS ahead of helping people fall in love. We teach you what you need to know to get EXACTLY the kind of Woman you want, wherever, whenever.

I’ll see talk to you guys soon!

Live and Love,




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