Good Macro Management = 5-Girl Megapull and FREE LIVE SEMINAR

What up people!

It was a great pleasure speaking with all of the guys who attended the talk in Shenzhen, thanks for having me and I look forward to coming back here next month! In an hour, I am about to begin a road trip with one of my friend/mentees here in China. From Guangzhou, I will pass Foshan into Zhuhai, spend a night there and then head into Macau for a 24-hour no-sleep gambling spree. (If you are/will be there in Macau, e-mail me now!)So before I disappear till the weekend, I thought I’d drop some more knowledge and another testament of our tried-and-tested ways for you guys.

With regards to my earlier article, Macro Management for Success, here is the highly-coveted video of the MVP moment of the Lifestyle Retreat 2010 : The 5-Girl Mega-Pull, which is literally LIVE documentation of the events that followed after we applied the most effective Macro Management.

The amount of things that happened on the Micro level was minimal. We spent not more than an hour. Within that time frame, due to our awesome Macro Management, we had our team of competent wingmen, logistics (which plays is 70% of the entire seduction), “after-party” (which is just an excuse for the women to show up again as explained in Troy’s awesome article). As soon as the girls got off work, they scrambled to our place which was almost an hour away just to see us. On top of that, we created what we have termed “The Ripple Effect” (which is as epic as The Gravity Effect on the TDDWiki). Watch out for the video report on The Ripple Effect by our TDD Captain Daniel “monster” MILFton.


TDD Singapore Crew

Macro Management would be one of the lessons we will breakdown into greater detail during our FREE LIVE SEMINAR that will be held in Singapore on 22nd May 2010. We will be talking about some Lifestyle Retreat lessons like wingmanship, power logistics and the most efficient form of conversation for seduction based on Philip Marinetti’s Verbal Specialist Training program. These are just some of the lessons we will be giving out for FREE at our live seminar.

It’s more than a month away but people are already snapping up slots, so make sure you book your slot today before we reach full-capacity. E-mail me at with the following information :

1) Your name

2) Contact number

3) Where you heard about TDD

4) Number of people you will be attending this session with

Once again, the seminar is slated for 22nd May 2010 at 2:00p.m. Looking forward to your e-mails!

Also, today is the last day for mailbag questions for TDD. If you have a burning question, send it to and you will get Mentorship Program style solutions to your problems.

Alright folks, I am off on a week of adventure, wish me luck in Macau!



Skype : xavierrrr

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