Foundations Of Attraction for MINDEF

Alright people,

For all those who have been patiently waiting, this is the official MINDEF advertisement released to the people working at MINDEF.

There is a maximum of 30 slots for this program. I expect slots to be filled up really fast so to avoid disappointment, make sure you send in your application today. To get an application form, send an e-mail via the Army Intranet (OA Account) to Ng Xiao Hui(MAC), PSC.

I am really looking forward to exciting times ahead for sure. See you readers there!

If you want to read my Protected Article

The bottom entry of my blog contains perhaps the best kind of article for readers. It is the kind of article you will read and be able to see results immediately when you apply the knowledge. It is a Micro-level article that talks specifically about setting a sexual undertone to your conversations. This would effectively mean that you can say goodbye to all those platonic, go-no-where interactions. The article will allow you to set a sexual direction to all your interactions which will ultimately mean more success in dating.

Now, this article is not for everyone. It is only for readers who are serious about their progress. I don’t care for people who do not care about their own success. I don’t want readers to come here every week and read a solid article or 2 and do nothing about it. I want you, dear reader, to really benefit from this. As such, this article will be password protected. In order to get the password for this article, you must do the following :

Send me an e-mail telling me the following 3 things :

1) How long you’ve been reading this site.

2) Why do you keep coming back.

3) What do you eventually want to achieve from all this.

This article is not only going to give you situation-specific techniques you can apply, it is also going to help wire your beliefs and release you from certain limiting beliefs. Like I said, this article is not for everyone. It is only for people who take themselves seriously enough to want to read it.

Alright folks, I am about to leave the office and get ready for St. James Powerstation tonight. Hasta luego!

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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