TDD Singapore on Channel News Asia and MORE

What up people!

This is Xavier, writing to y’all all the way from Bangkok while on transit towards Madrid, Spain.

As all of you readers would know, TDD Singapore was featured on Channel News Asia on 14th February 2010, Valentine’s Day. I have just got word about the time slot of the program so here are the details :

Channel News Asia’s “Love, Marriage and Sex in the City”

14th February 2010, 7:30p.m on Channel News Asia

Once again, many thanks to everyone of you readers, clients, enthusiasts and even haters for your continued support. We wouldn’t have gotten this big without all of you. Special thanks to Marilyn Tan and Orche Pictures for this awesome experience. I am definitely looking forward to it being aired!

Wait! That’s not all…

If you have been following me on Twitter(tddhide) and A Life To Love, you would know that the TDD Singapore Crew video is coming soon.

Directing the TDD Singapore Crew video

Filming the in-field portion of the TDD Singapore Crew video

Like I said, it’s gonna be SPECTACULAR. I don’t know of any other company/organization in the region with such well-bonded and dedicated Alumni like the TDD Singapore Crew. This video is gonna show you a glimpse of what being a TDD Alumni is like and why you should be a part of us today. Look out for this video coming your way VERY SOON.

Alright folks, see y’all in two weeks!

Live and Love,


Skype : xavierrrr

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