Testimonial Video + Masterclass Lay Report

What up guys!

Alright, so this is the video that I talked about last week. In it, you get to hear success stories of some of my Alumni here in Singapore. In it, you will also learn some valuable lessons on Macro Planning, Leading, Power-Logistics and also why I am kinda jealous of Wilson, The Asian James Bond.

The link for Whoozy’s Masterclass review can be found by clicking here.

Alright, I would also like to share an educational Lay Report with you folks. I have a huge backlog of reports so if any of you are interested in reading them, let me know and I will give you instructions on how to access them.

Masterclass Lay Report : The Belle Rings

As if the night couldn’t get any more explosive. Just hours before this, I was with WhoozyValJirQUEST, going around the club and just being the life of the party that night. From our audacious “Walk The Red Carpet” challenges, where we got chicks to cheer and salute us as we walked down a red carpet inside the club, to the Dancefloor Game moment where random people started pushing aside chairs and tables, whipping out cameras just to record possibly the most exciting, sexually-charged dance they will ever see by 2 random strangers. Not gonna lie, I was exhausted by then and after de-briefing the Masterclass at 3am in the morning, I began to make my way over to my ride.

The 24/7 Attractive Man is a state of BEING. Even after the class, everything from the way I walk and talk communicates masculine attraction to the women around me.

“No one on the corner got a Swagger like us.”

As I Swagger-Walked my way over to my ride, I was doing the usual returning of smiles and eye-contact to the women around me. As I walked past the taxi-stand at Clarke Quay, I spotted a girl checking me out within my Line-Of-Sight. As usual, I turned to face her to return the eye-contact. The next few seconds were a moment I would never forget. In fact, every time I think of this moment, I cannot help but smile.

In front of me stood a 1.7m tall beauty. She had the most enchanting eyes which held a hint of excitement. She had a body with curves that I believe hour-glasses were moulded after, hidden under an electrifying blue dress which did nothing to hide those killer curves. Her classy white clutch bag went hand-in-hand with her white heels, which supported a pair of toned and tanned legs which I had trouble peeling my eyes off. But… all that excitement turned to shock the moment her pretty face cringed in horror. And my shock turned to horror when I realized it too…

“Oh my god!”, she exclaimed.

“DAMN!”, I exclaimed.

Immediately, she came over to give me a hug.

It all made perfect sense now. She was G, School Belle back in primary school. The one I had a crush on but never in my wildest dreams would I even imagine having a conversation with.


A little history here. Back in my primary school days (7-12 years old), I was obese. I was probably the official mascot of the TAF Club (a club where overweight kids were forced to gather twice a week to exercise) and at the prime of my primary school life, probably had less than zero girls ever mentioning me in their list of crushes. But I was well-known as THE fat-kid.

To some, the fact that she hugged me immediately might be surprising, since we never spoke a word to each other in primary school. But it makes perfect sense. Allow me to explain.

Everyone knew me as the fat-kid but thanks to Facebook, all my primary school mates were able to see the present me. I know for a fact that at this point in time, I am way ahead in life compare to most of my peers. The fact that she was so into me from the get-go goes to show that my virtual Line-Of-Sight was on point. It is not foolish to say that these girls from primary school were checking me out on Facebook and obviously G, the school belle, was one of them. I am actually AWARE that one day, when I eventually meet these women, I would’ve conveyed many winning qualities to them and that dating them after that would not be much of an issue.

It was 3a.m, I didn’t want to waste my time and hers. I had a Game-Plan set up in my mind in seconds. I told her, “Ya know what, the night is still young, we should celebrate our little reunion.” Saying this with my TDD-styled sexual non-verbals was a killer move. She immediately agreed and in about approximately 3 minutes, we were walking to my ride. We stopped by a petrol kiosk on the way to our reunion at my place (;-)) to grab some snacks and within 40 minutes, we were seated in my living room.

As I prepared us some Martel + Coke, we had a pretty sexually charged conversation.

Me : This has got to be the most successful reunion ever, everyone on the guest list turned up.

G : Haha yea, and we are the life of the party!

Me : Cheers to that!

Me : Ya know, a 2-person reunion is actually pretty suggestive.

G : Yea I know right, like, what are people gonna think? haha…

Me : Yea, it’s like even if we don’t have sex, people are not gonna believe us.

G : Haha exactly!

Me : But still, I want to keep my virginity tonight so…

G : OMG shut up, you are SO not a virgin!!! (she starts to hit me now)

Me : Hey, hey, you don’t even know me that well. Though it’s strange, I feel like we’ve known each other for a long time now.

G : Yea me too…

Me : I actually feel like we’re a couple now.

I put my arm around her and give her a kiss on her head and say :

Me : Baby, I did the drinks, so you’re gonna do the cleaning up after this, okay?

G : Haha you jerk, go away, I want to break-up with you!

I slide my hands down and wrap both arms around her, pretending to coax her.

Me : But baby, please… I worked so hard this week… and I still had sex with you when I had a headache…

G : Hahahaha… oh my god… you’re crazy…

Me : Haha… *sexual vibe* a little…

G : umm hmm… *She’s giving me the triangular gaze now*

Me : *licks lips* umm hmm…

If you thought we made out after that, give yourself a high-five.

So after making out for a bit, I pulled back and said I was thirsty. So we drank a little more and caught up a bit. She began playfully hitting me a lot more and I switched to couple mode from time to time. At one point, we made out and I carried her to my room. As we began to rip our clothes off, her phone started ringing. In my experience, there was no way a girl would answer the phone, unless it was someone or something important. She jumped off my bed and went to her phone, cursed and picked it up.

Borefriend Drama

All this while, I realised that I forgot to ask if she had a boyfriend. Well, no biggie, I found out anyway. Even if she had one, there was no way I was gonna back down since my GUT told me it was Game-On. So she quarreled with her Boyfriend over the phone after she said she was at the house of a MALE primary school friend she met at Clarke Quay. When she put down her phone, she turned to me sadly and told me that she had to go back home and because her boyfriend demanded that she dial him with her home line.

I buckled up my belt again and put on my shirt, grabbed a bag and threw in my alcohol shaker and a bottle of VSOP. She asked me what I was doing and I said, “I accept your invitation to continue this party at your place ;) ” She laughed real hard and came over to kiss me. So off we went to her place.


Every time I am out partying or on a date, before I leave, I will always slip in some music that conveys personality traits about me. I am all about John Legend and John Mayer, so most of my car-rides are moments where I showcase my charismatic side. I sing and talk about how the songs make me feel, which is a classic display of contrast and harmony (like a big-picture Double-Relate). So I am putting on songs like “Greenlight”, “No Other Love”, “Slow Dance”, “P.D.A” by John Legend and building the sexual vibe.

By the time we got to her place, we were holding hands like a couple. We head straight for the room and she tells me she’s gonna call her BOREfriend. As she waits for her BOREfriend to pick up the phone, I wrap my arms around her from behind and start kissing her ears. She’s feeling it and she starts to run her hand through my hair. As I slowly slipped her dress down, her BOREfriend picks up. She is suddenly startled but I start kissing and nibbling on her neck and she gets back into the zone.

I can overhear her BOREfriend being pissed at her. She is (obviously) all calm over her, as I un-did her bra and began rubbing her breasts. I also pull her close, letting her feel “The Stone” against her ass. I push her against a wall and start to grind up against her. She is totally feeling it and I can still hear her BOREfriend scolding her. She is listening with her eyes closed, just going “Um hmm… Yea…” on the phone from time to time. I then lead her to a chair and sat her on my lap as I sucked on her nipples. She goes a little crazy now and I guess her BOREfriend is asking her what she’s up to because she says, “OHH… oh… nothing… go on, sorry…”.

I whispered into her ear and asked her to tell her boyfriend she is going to lie down. This makes her anticipate what I am going to do next. When she lies down, I started to un-do my pants and she is on the verge of bursting into laughter now. Before I could start on my underwear, she pulls it down, grabs my cock and starts sucking on it, occasionally going “umm… umm hmm…” to her very pissed off BOREfriend. She obviously wasn’t doing a good job because I think finally, the giggling and sucking sounds got to her BOREfriend because she had to explain (or rather, lie about) the events of the night to him. This was the moment I stripped her naked and started having sex with her.

2 minutes in, she told her boyfriend she had to go to the bathroom and that she would call him back. I made sure she did 30 minutes later after some serious post-sexual-repression sex before I left for breakfast :)

Lessons to be Learnt :

- Do not doubt the powers of CONVEYANCE that your Facebook profile has. I have said many times that I truly believe that I could get laid based on my Facebook profile and I am not kidding. This is a stellar example right here.

Convey the life of the 24/7 Attractive Man and after that, it’s all about leading her through your Game Plan.

- Game Plan. In the words of Troy “Papa Falcon” Dizon : “Without a Game Plan, you will not get the girl.

Your Game Plan is so important. I credit much of this event to the fact that I had a solid Game Plan in fact, which made it so easy. I also believe that once you have a solid game plan that you BELIEVE IN and ENJOY, things become easier and a lot more enjoyable.

- Leading. The reason why I made it all happen in such a short time is because I lead G through my Game Plan very confidently. When I had a solid Game Plan in check, it helped me stay in control of the situation so I was never nervous or unsure throughout the night. I was supremely confident, which was another turn-on for her.

I also deployed heavy and concise Foreshadowing, which was effective because it involved G and I moving progressively through the night. This built anticipation within her, which resulted in a mind-blowing night.

- Look through your primary/elementary, secondarly/high school networks TODAY! Haha.

Alright people, hope you learned something from this, good times ahead!

Live and Love,




Skype : xavierrrr

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  1. Wassup bro? It was a great vid. Thanks for the Asian James Bond label heh. Oh yeah, enjoyed your story as well.

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