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It’s 3.30am in the morning and I have to get up to work in a couple of hours, but I am mad psyched at the moment. I have just delivered the FINAL CUT of 2 ground-breaking videos from TDD Singapore to share with all of you dear readers and fans. I will talk about them very briefly right now :

Video #1 : TDD Alumni Success Stories

It’s a common question on the minds of many readers : “Alright, Xav, you can attract girls, but what exactly happens to the Alumni of TDD programs? What can they do?”

This curiosity is understandable, especially since it’s a well-known fact that most Pick-Up/Dating companies are constantly faking testimonials, reports and “comments from successful clients” because they have no REAL alumni system in place. Most of their alumni are still clueless when it comes to attracting women. I know this all too well because I have met these same coaches make fun of the people who fall for these false evidence. Which is why I have decided to take the road less travelled : I post pictures and videos to prove that we are undoubtedly the REAL DEAL.

Watch Out for Nash in Singapore on 29th Jan 2010!

Doing this video was a really awesome experience for me. As a dating coach, I love the work that I do at TDD. It always brings me great pleasure to be able to listen to my students’ success stories. In this video, 2 of my students, 1 from The TDD Masterclass and 1 from my November Private Instruction program talk about their lives after their programs with me. You can definitely look forward to some lessons that our successful alumni will be sharing with you. You will also get to hear about how one of them pulled a top Japanese… Okay I won’t ruin it for you, stay tuned over the next few days for the video’s release!

Video #2 : TDD Singapore Crew Video

I posted on my Facebook page that this video, even at 50% done, was going to blow your minds. This got me some e-mails and messages from my friends and alumni, asking to see it. As it turns out, I was right. Based on all the feedback I got from a 50% done video, all the appreciative (overly, I might add haha) comments that I received, this is pretty much gonna be the “Game-Over” video.

This video will give you a glimpse of what being a part of the TDD Singapore Crew will be like. You’ve heard stories, but in this video, viewers will get a chance to see for themselves just how sharp my Singapore Alumni are. You will be seeing more and more of these guys in the coming months, and who knows, YOU, dear reader, might be a part of us too along the way.

Each and everyone of my alumni has come some way and this video is a tribute to the efforts they’ve put in. In this video, you will also see some in-field footage from past Private Instruction programs, Masterclasses and just random club-tear-up nights. I am absolutely sure that this video will show you that we are hands-down the BEST Alumni crew here in Singapore, bar-none.

Ground-Breaking Foundation Article

Within the week, I am going to release a foundation article entitled : Stop Playing The Reactive Game!

The truth is, many people out there claim to understand attraction. This article is going to show you that most of these people don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Well, this doesn’t surprise me especially since almost all companies and dating coaches just teach a re-hash of PUA techniques, based somewhat on the teachings of a certain hat-wearing dude. What humours me even more is that all these people (I know you are reading) will read my post, have something click in their head and they will begin to try to preach the message I am bringing across to other people. (True Story… or rather, stories haha)

As a TDD enthusiast, you know damn well we’re different, which is why you keep coming back for more of our no-nonsense, effective lessons.

Don't Be Clueless, Enlighten Yourself @ TDD today!

I decided to write this article because almost all non-TDD players play the reactive game, which is largely dependent on a woman’s signals of interest. As a seasoned veteran of the field, I will tell you that not every woman is going to give you these signals to work with. This is especially the case in ASIA. If that is the case, what the hell are you gonna do about it?

Playing the Reactive Game puts the consistency of your success in the hands of others. Won’t you very much rather have control of your own success in YOUR OWN HANDS?

This article is going to give you the lowdown on playing the game on your terms, all the way from “Why” to “How”. You guys are really in for a treat in these coming weeks.

Alright, it’s 4a.m right now. I am going to hit the sack. Be sure to check out this page over the next few days for some content that may very well change your lives.

Live and Love,


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