Book a workshop before the price-increase!

Sup people!

I have just finished the first part of filming with Val’s Mediacorp project and after the interview portion, it made me take a good look at how far I’ve come. First of all, many thanks to everyone for the massive support all these months. It’s really hard for me to believe that I’m not even one year into the business because of all the great relationships I’ve had with the people who I’ve worked with over the past 10 months. Your enthusiasm to improve and the success you’ve all attained never fail to remind me of how much how much I love my job.

Providing the BEST date-coaching in Singapore and Asia has always been my goal since Day 1. I have been a client myself. I understand that X=X, the amount I am willing to invest in myself will determine the kind of results I can realistically expect. I understand perfectly that my clients pay good money. Therefore, it is only right that they get the best coaching their money can get. Not some lousy, unoriginal, textbook “bootcamp” that teaches you nonsense that gets you virtually NOWHERE thereafter.


One of the main reasons why readers rate my blog(and all the TDD blogs) so highly and come back so often is because REAL RESULTS are there for all to see. I can say with supreme confidence that providing the best training has been exactly what I have been doing all this time and it is something that I want to continue doing so.

There will be an increase in prices for my specific Workshops. This will take place immediately as of 2nd January 2010. If you have been wondering about taking a workshop with me and would like to avoid this price-increase, I suggest that you drop me an e-mail( or hit me up on Skype(xavierrrr) to arrange for a session before the price-increase takes place. You may also want to consider arranging a program with me on a date that is not listed on my program schedule. In the meantime, here is a list of the last workshops for 2009.

November Line-up


The 24/7 Attractive Man Workshop – 2 Slots left

Price: SGD$100


Pillars Of A Natural Workshop – 6 Slots left

Price: SGD$150


Breakthrough Conversation Workshop – 6 Slots left

Price: SGD$100

27.11.09 – 29.11.09


For a comprehensive outline of the workshops, click here.

Before you sign up for any program, you will want to listen to this FREE podcast by Troy :

Pre-PI Podcast

Ask any student and he will tell you that he has said this at least once before, “I wish I took a program earlier!” I know how that feels because I started out as a client myself. Look, every second you waste is a day less of living the life you want and if you want to wait even longer, you would have to spend more in future.

If you have been meaning to take the plunge, the time is NOW.

I’ll talk to you soon ;-)

Live and Love,


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