A sure-way to become better with women

What’s up guys!

I am back in town and slowly getting back into the groove of things. This month will see a lot of media projects on our end. I know Troy Dizon is having an utterly ridiculous time in Manila right now. Apart from the fun he is having there, yesterday, he appeared on the most popular radio channel in the Philippines. And as if that was not enough, he is gonna be filmed on MTVAsia in a few hours. On the Singapore side, intensive filming for our 2 media projects begins this month. Add back-to-back PI weekends and another private talk in China at the end of the month… It’s gonna be a busy, exciting month of October!

Today, I want to share an article with you guys. It is by one of my closest brothers who I met at the beginning of my journey. Set to be the next topgun in the TDD ranks, this guy’s story is pound-for-pound, a must-listen. Regular readers have definitely heard of this guy before and people who’ve met him will have nothing but good to say about this guy. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to present to you,  MILFton “Monster” with a sure-way to become better with women.


Hey everybody, Monster here there are a few quick things I want to share with y’all regarding getting better at what we do.

When we go through our Masterclass, realities are shattered, things that seem tough and impossible become a norm and is “business as usual”. The days and nights are great, and then what about after?

I’ll be honest with you, being the 24/7 attractive man takes work. The reason why guys like Troy, Xavier, Aaron Dan and Nash make it look easy is because they’ve been at it for awhile. Everyone looks at how graceful the dancer is on stage but they usually forget the hours they put into practice to make something difficult for the body to do look easy.

And then the motherf#@$%#s smile while they at it.

We’re on the same page?


Focus and work on your skill sets. I cannot stress this enough. Whenever something doesn’t go right in the interaction 99.9% of the time, something went wrong in the basics. So know where you’re having problems with, and when you get to the problem, break it down to sizable chunks.

Me for example, I’ve a bad habit of being lazy in my follow ups. I get their numbers, I don’t call them, or I show interest and then not enough intent. I don’t strike when the iron is hot, I’ve a bad habit of looking for it when it’s shipped off halfway across the world.

I don’t foreshadow and lead enough sometimes, that kills my results.

So this is what I did.

I laid out conceivable goals long term – Be heaps more successful and have a kill rate of 11 out of 10 as opposed to 0.5 out of 10

Looking at my sticking points I break them down into manageable bits.

1] Foreshadow
2] Lead
3] Follow up
4] Better sexual eye contact

Then I make myself a goal I will need to achieve in the next week or so. So far my goal is to have 3 dates by next week. I’ve 3 so far, but what if shit happens and for some reason we can’t make it? Because I’ve 3 dates does that mean I can just stop? I could if I wanted to, but heck, I’ve got one weekend before the next week, so why not push myself? I headed out last night with clear intentions to find me another date or two for the coming week.

At the venue I worked my skills, I foreshadowed with every set that I was in, just to drill that skill, foreshadow simple immediate things “we’ll dance when a good song comes on.” To having a drink later to as far as both of us getting lost in the city when I saw her next week.

I led them, and did small ones from asking them to move over because it was too darned cold for me to sit too far from the heater to getting her and her group of friends to the dance floor, leaving them there as I went to get a drink etc. Funnily the girl I went for found me outside and asked me why I wasn’t there with them, she and her friends were waiting. So I milked the foreshadow, here’s what went down.

Me: Later when a good song comes on.
HB: Yeah, but my feet are sore.
Me: Take 5 minutes off, but keep them warmed up, cos when a good song comes woman, we’ll show them.
HB: Yeah if it ever comes.
Me: You’re right, the DJ is shitty, later might never come, tell you what though, I’ll ask you out next week after work.
HB: I’d love that.
Me: I’ve got a surprise planned for you. Wanna hint?
HB: *nods*
Me: *I lean in to her ear and sexualise it some* Wear flats.

Keep in mind this was done in tandem with sorting out her logistics, knowing she was out with a whole group of girls and that it was a “girls night out”, knowing where she worked (which is thankfully close to where I live). Keeping in mind I wanted to work on my foreshadowing skills to lead up to a date next week.

Item 1 is off my checklist. Now all I need to do is item 3, to follow up, and that’ll be tested as I juggle three dates next week. And item 2, to lead.

The purpose for my dates next week is to drill leading, bouncing them from one area to the next as well as to work on item 4, sexual eye contact. I want to get more calibrated more aware and pay attention to a woman as I work my sexual eye contact as I talk about how shitty the weather is. I’d go so far as to say I’ll put my conversation on hold -just- to drill and see how effective my foreshadowing, leading, follow ups and sexual eye contact will be.

Better proficiency at these skills will enable me to get my long term goal of an 11 out of 10 kill rate.

To summarize it.

1] Know that being the 24/7 Attractive Man requires work, hard work at times, remember it ain’t easy making it look easy.

2] Masterclass isn’t the ends all, its the potential start of something really good.

3] Be honest with yourself, know which skills you’re lacking in.

4] Plan for a long term goal, I like to leave mine from 2 months to 6 months.

5] Break it down to smaller portions that will make the long term goal a possibility, I break down the goal and work on specifics from 1 week to a month.

6] Make the goals comprehensive and work on them, drill on what you need to be drilled.

7] Remember you won’t succeed all the time at first, but think about it this way, if you did something you might or might not get results, you do nothing you -will- get nothing. So you’ve all to gain and nothing to lose.

Hope this little bit helps you guys in getting things around your head with all these new concepts. Remember, baby steps to giant strides.

Stay cool.



DAMN, it’s good to be back!

Live and Love,




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