FREE Masterclass Teleseminar

What’s up guys,

Alright, so I am virtually on the brink of MALFUNCTIONING right now. I have JUST spoken to Troy and he gave me an awesome piece of news. The Masterclass from September 18-20th is getting a major injection of awesomeness. If you haven’t already heard, the TDD Masterclass is possibly the most comprehensive and effective dating program to be ever conducted in Asia. This will be the last Masterclass for the rest of 2009 and with the awesome news I am going to share with you, it certainly looks like it’s going to be the most explosive one yet!

Let me present to you, the latest, talent-packed line-up for the Masterclass :




“Papa Falcon” TROY DIZON

7 years in the business, the founder of TroyDizonDating has trained nothing but the BEST ladies’ men in Asia and the rest of the world. As impressive as they are, Troy’s accomplisments in the field (handjob on the dancefloor in Singapore, inventing the Singapore Plow, the effortless threesome etc.) are not the main highlight. Troy’s credibility comes from him being able give students the results that they want in the simplest, most straight-forward, no-bullshit manner. Due to his students churning out UNRIVALED results, Troy is currently THE Man-of-the-Moment. Troy has just completed interviews with PickUpPodcast and Seduction-List and also completing programs in Asia, Europe and all over America in the space of 3 months.

Every year, Troy flies out to Asia to show students and seduction experts alike first hand, the cutting edge developments and secrets to his system of bedding women effortlessly. Because of Troy’s efforts to bring the TDD mantra and success culture to Asia, he has been featured by Singapore Straits Times RazorTV, as well as by FHM Magazine in Manila, Philippines.

If you live in the Asia-Pacific Region, I would not dare miss this once a year offering from Troy.

xavXAVIER “hide”

Born-and-bred right here in Singapore, Xavier is the only Dating coach in Singapore that has attained INTERNATIONAL status.  A TRIPLE HEAT product of the Boot camp, Synergy Self-Improvement Seminar, and the Masterclass, after a year of consistent training from Troy, Xavier ranks as one of the top if not the top guy in Asia as the undisputed authority of natural game. His skills in the field has seen him featured on local television, being the only Dating Coach in Singapore who dared to do LIVE pick-up in the Day for reality TV and successfully training a student in a record 4-hours to achieve immediate results.

Time and time again he has proven superior consistency in his mindsets, skills, and handling his lifestyle. Whether its conservative girls, or high-society models and actresses, nothing is out of reach for Xavier. Because of his winning habits and back-to-back successes, there was no other person to top him for a shot at being the  TDD Asia Instructor. Being an Asian man in Asia himself, it is no wonder Xavier churns out results for his clients that no one else in the Asian industry is able to even able to sniff.

And that’s not all…

Introducing… the Brothers Grimm!


RAFA “sir_sexified_spice”

To become one of the top TDD Captains in the world, Rafa has obviously pulled a few outrageous results. Being the man who orchestrated the TDD Massacre where the crew pulled a 17-woman stripper crew to Falcon Manor for the wildest after-party knowned to man, it comes as no surprise that to all who know him, Rafa is a Ladies’ Man. Rafa has been featured on numerous publications from FHM Manila to Maxim as well as various newspapers, not just for his skills but also for his success in life.

A graduate of the Masterclass as well, Rafa will be coming to Singapore to lay down the law on the dancefloor. Known to be the uncrackable area in seduction, Rafa’s awareness and skill on the dancefloor is just a spectacle to be witnessed. If you ever need someone to make something out of nothing, Rafa is definitely THAT GUY.

nashNASH “The Godfather” Casten

Known as The Godfather in Manila, Nash has been working the scene in Manila for the longest time. As the main main for the Lifestyle Project Crew in Manila, Nash has certainly come a long way. When he is not busy engaged in his shennanigans (most recently, a Threesome with female US Marines ), Nash helps men all over Manila find success in their Dating as well as Social lives. His work has been featured on many media channels, both online as well as mainstream, namely FHM and Maxim.

Nash is one of the coolest cats you will ever meet. When he speaks, he speaks with such conviction that it is almost impossible not to be drawn in to what he says. His constant strive towards pushing what’s possible makes him an absolute demon in the field. This guy is a must-watch.

With the ultimate wrecking crew consisting of the top playboys in Asia gathered together on our Sunny island, this Masterclass is certainly not to be missed. With less than a month to go but having already sold-out HALF the seats, I would definitely suggest getting your shit together and signing up for the Masterclass NOW!


Mark your calenders, because on Sunday, August 16th 2009, the TDD Team consisting of Troy, Xavier, Rafa and Nash are going to hold a FREE Masterclass Teleseminar. Word is out that some of the Masterclass Alumni will be there as well. Apart from getting to find out what the crew members are like, you will be able to hear first-hand what a Masterclass experience is like so that you have an idea on what to expect from possibly Asia’s Top Dating program. We will be on hand to answer your questions. Also, in the usual TDD tradition, expect golden nuggets of knowledge to be dropped.

I don’t know about you, but unless you want to continue living that life of loneliness and frustration, this is a very affirmative first step to take, at no monetary cost. It is definitely not something you will want to miss. Do yourself a favour and reserve a slot for yourself right now. Drop me an e-mail at with the headline : Masterclass Teleseminar. I will then send you an e-mail and fill you in on the instructions.

I am looking forward to changing your life ;-)

Live and Love,


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