Masterclass Report

Sup players,

Ahh, it’s good to be back in Sunny Singapore. I realised how much I actually missed my family, the weather (a little bit), the people and of course, the clubs. In fact, I even dreamt about Butter Factory when I was away in Manila. So last night, I made an impromptu decision to hit up Butter Factory, bounce to Zouk and Phuture thereafter, which resulted in my crew of 3 pulling dancefloor make-outs like it was Christmas Day. As much as I was sloshed and although I couldn’t remember most of my night, I managed to work my magic as well. Manila has indeed done wonders for me!

So, my personal life aside, here is a picture report from our latest SOLD OUT Masterclass, which I consider to be the most amazing Masterclass so far.


The Crew

The TDD Crew

The first part of the Masterclass was a theory lesson that discussed the Macro mindsets and Micro details of TDD. As I’ve said before, this lesson is NOT for people who are looking for mediocrity (number-closes, day2s and all that yucky shit etc.) What we teach at the Masterclass is effectively the TRUTH about male and female relationships in its RAWEST form. That is the reason why we always achieve a 100% success rate. What we teach is REAL, based on laws and truths of our universe, therefore all the concepts and actions that are taken with respect those beliefs are UNDENIABLE.

After a reality-shattering theory lesson in the afternoon, we then prepared for the first in-field session of the Masterclass, which was held at Attica that night.

A toast to an amazing weekend!

A toast to an amazing weekend!

After charming the door staff at Attica, we rolled into the club like we were filming Ocean’s Eleven.

If you are a TDD graduate, you know for sure that women are checking you out. With the concepts from the theory lesson incoporated into your personality, it was bound to happen. 10 steps in and a group of 3 women, who were swarmed by guys, opened me, thanks to my trademark Swagger Walk (video coming soon!) and the positive vibe the crew was giving off. By the time we got our logistics settled (table in place, people in place), we had at least 12 women around us.

Our women meet the German Falcon

Our women meet the German Falcon

It was complete chaos. Due to our fashionably late and stylish entrance, we were getting attention and laser eyes from women non-stop. Let’s not talk about the simple stuff like hugs, kisses and make-outs, it was only a matter of time before someone pulled. And pulled he did. In about just 1 hour, our boy A-Game bade farewell to the crew and left the venue for his hotel room, chick in hand.

No woman is safe from the A-Game!

No woman is safe from the A-Game!

For the rest of the night, Julian and I played commander to our students, who were shocked as hell but managed to impress the instructors. The students got to see the concepts working and falling into place. There is nothing quite like watching it happen and experiencing it from yourself. Hearing and learning about it is one thing but to truly UNDERSTAND, one has to experience it. And the students will definitely tell you that as well.

DAMN that staredown!

DAMN that staredown!

Talking in a club is really the last thing we wanna do at TDD. First of all, why talk when you can afford not to? Second of all, it’s so damn loud. It sucks when you wanna say something and the person doesn’t know what  you are talking about. It can be a vibe killer. That is why we teach killer non-verbals, which is the key to quick and wordless escalation ;-)

Keeping this girl away from Dev and the table was IMPOSSIBLE.

Keeping this girl away from Dev and the table was IMPOSSIBLE.

If you have deep conversational routines, or if you are thinking of talking for many hours to form a solid emotional connection from deep conversation in a club, week after week, then let me take this opportunity to tell you that you are an idiot. It’s a fuckin’ club, no one wants to fuckin’ talk about your passions and how much you love your literature. Rapport and Escalation for the win guys.

UNDERSTAND THIS : Women want men.

Simply put, if you just BE A MAN, women will want you. Being in the field for years, I will tell you this : a lot of the guys out there are already helping us out by messing up uncontrallably. All you have to do sometimes is NOT MESS UP. If you are the 24/7 Attractive Man, women cannot help but find you irresistable. Attraction is a GIVEN. All that’s left is whether you choose to entertain her or not. And if you do and decide to build rapport and escalate, she’ll love you for it.

For the record, we didn’t get many phone numbers… but let’s just say that we were very happy haha.

Stay tuned for the Daygame report coming up soon.

Live and Love,


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