The Truth about Attraction

Hey guys,

There has been so much community trash-talk from keyboard-warriors and theorists about the concept of attraction. My issue with these people is not that their information being largely inaccurate (some utterly ridiculous, which is quite funny) but the fact that there are innocent people out there who are really seeking to learn and these ”gurus” are totally screwing it up for them.

Stuff like DHV (I hate this term!) routines, stories, techniques, magic tricks and black-painted nails have been used and have worked, no doubt. But how is it possible, that people out there with no knowledge of the game at all, are able to be successful? I have decided to give you guys the lowdown of Attraction from REAL weekly experiences IN THE FIELD.

Macro View

Women want MEN. All you have to do is to be a confident man who knows he is attractive, you will be attractive, not giving a damn what anyone else thinks. If you have your life handled, this will just be second nature to you.

Look, if you are truly confident and attractive, you will understand that all this is totally UNNECCESSARY. If you PUA people did your “inner game” stuff right, it makes no sense that you have to try so friggin’ hard to gain attraction. “Inner Game” is what makes you attractive, so if you have gotten that sorted out, it makes no sense to me that you have to try so damn hard to gain attraction.

Women decide in seconds if they will allow you to stay or blow you off. As far as I’m concerned, if this is true, the fact that she doesn’t blow me off means that I am already IN. Unconciously, there already is attraction. Add my mindset of assuming attraction (since im the 24/7 attractive man), a woman will decide from my vibe and swagger that she will wanna talk to me. In my experience, right now, all it takes is for you to NOT FUCK IT UP!

Micro View

I am going to share with you a secret that not everyone knows about.

With just the bare basics handled, you will be pretty damn attractive already.”

Believe me, I have been in the field enough to say this : A LOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THEIR BASICS HANDLED! Simple stuff like :

- Basic grooming

- Fashion

- Voice articulation and projection

- Non-verbals (Good eye contact, posture, gestures)

- Being comfortable in own skin (knowing and having no doubt that you are an attractive, sexy man)

These are all basic aspects that we all possess. But the level of attention we pay to these details vary drastically.

Take it from me, if you actually made an effort to get all these basics handled, it will already make a huge difference in your success. A man who pays attention to all these aspects of your life is RARER than you think. A lot of people are screwing up already, all you have to do is NOT SCREW UP and you will see results.

Understand what an interaction is all about :

1) Expressing myself so that she knows who I am.

2) Her expressing herself so that I know who she is.

3) Escalating on Justified Interest.

Do not over-complicate things guys. Men were made for women, women were made for men. X=X. When I have faith in myself, people will have have faith in me. True story. (credit : Barney Stinson)

Live and Love,


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