It’s Official! and the Forum launch

What up folks!

It is official, I have turned Red. No, not from over-exposure to the sun, but I have officially attained instructor status over at Troy Dizon Dating. I am now fully-certified to teach the TDD brand of game all over the world, with specific focus on Asia and believe me when I say that the stuff we teach is going to blow your mind.

Teaching men the art of being Naturally Attractive internationally has been a dream that I have never been more passionate about. Teaching internationally was a goal I have set out to accomplish back in 2007. I am really happy to have accomplished this goal a month before the deadline I set for myself. I hope to eventually become the BEST Dating Consultant here in Singapore and the region. In my mind, I have the best product out there, bar-none, so I think it’s only a matter of time.

Thank you, readers, clients, friends, loved ones, for your on-going support, inspiring success stories and enthusiasm for giving me the drive to keep doing what I do. I am looking forward to an amazing experience with everyone out there.


In other news, the Dating Singapore Forum is up and running! Join in the discussions, learn, share and discuss topics regarding the art of being Naturally Attractive and dating.

Be a part of our community today!

This has been such a great week for me. I am on a high right now and am totally looking forward to the Private Instruction session this weekend. It promises to be another life-changing weekend, dear client, you better be ready!

Live and Love,


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