My thoughts on Daygame

What up people!

Personally, I do not go out for the sole purpose of doing Daygame. I am usually up to something myself. This is a good thing for me because for example, if I am shopping at my favourite store, or my favourite section of a bookstore, the women there tend to have the same tastes as me. This usually results in uncomplicated and highly enjoyable interactions.

As much as meeting women in the night can be a load of wacky fun, I began my journey in this art as a Daygame person. Believe me, not all experiences turned out pretty but I am glad to say that every one of those experiences taught me something. From all those lessons in the field, I now present to you my personal thoughts on Day Game.

Troy has mentioned this before and I cannot agree with him more. It really is a lot about VIBE, LOGISTICS and LEADING.

About opening, here is a little summary of what I consider on the approach :

Basic details I consider on the approach.

Basic details I consider on the approach.


Personally, the only thing I consider about my vibe is CALIBRATION. I calibrate my vibe according to the environment I am in. In fact, with a good vibe, the alleged Daygame “rules” can be broken. With vibe alone, I was able to # close this chick on Live TV despite the logistics, which were a real mess and I really had to rely on my vibe. The vibe I generally look to give of is a warm, self-assured, non-needy, approval giving vibe.

Vibe isn’t the easiest thing to explain but if you want more information, Troy is a real MASTER of teaching the calibration of the vibe states, which he taught me and I now use and abuse on a regular basis  :twisted:


Most of my clients always get so caught up with the conversational part that they forget the LOGISTICS. The way I see it, people are generally busy during the day. They are usually up to something and I think it is important to find out the logistics before carrying on an interaction. Here’s a common example.

A walking set :

You are going in opposite directions. She mentions that she actually has an appointment at a certain location soon. If you never found out the logistics, she will have to cut the interaction short and you will not be able to pursue it further. However, if you knew of this, you could actually walk with her. I have stopped a walking set and walked her to meet her group of 6 people and ended up partying the entire night with them.

I usually find out the logistics within the first 2 minutes. Important logistical information include :

- Where are you going?
- What are you up to?
- Who are you with?
- Relationship situation

After finding out the logistics, I have the information I need to formulate a plan for the both of us. I will then start to LEAD.


I lead the interaction by controlling the interaction physically and verbally. I do this by walking the girl towards her destination after I justify my interest or taking her on an INSTA-DATE. I will also control the conversation by keeping it as personal as possible, so that when we both part ways, we will have an idea of who we both are, instead of one of those random drive-by conversations.

If logistics do not permit anything else, I will then proceed to getting her phone number and follow up from there.

Alright, that’s basically how I run my Daygame. I’ll post more if needed.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more of such posts by myself or other credible sources, do check out what I think is the best forum out there, Troy Dizon Dating.

Live and Love,


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