Romance : A Useful Ally In Seduction

Hey guys,

Apart from mistakenly punching out the year “2008″ on my parking coupons one too many times, things have been pretty good for me. I am looking forward to Wednesday, January 14th. Not only because it’s a great day to bring a girl out on a date to a club (free entry is a gift-from-god to our wallets) but because my  next RazorTV episode will be air-ed! If you ever wondered what it was like to actually witness a real pick-up, I would strongly suggest checking it out.

Alright, today, I want to write about one of my favourite allies when it comes to dating a woman : ROMANCE.


I could tell from the way her eyes fell to the side as she spoke. Her comment about how she felt about her relationship made my heart sink a little. There was no excitement coming from her, unlike the kinda over-excited “we-had-too-much-drugs-and-starburst-candy” behaviour of a newly-met couple. It wasn’t like it was played out in the storybooks and movies for her. It wasn’t what she had rightfully hoped for. All the doubt in my mind was lost the moment she slumped onto me as I put my arm around her. All the romance has left her.

Personally, I am a hopeless romantic. I like to think that I actually do fall in love with every woman that I am interested in. To me, that is a good thing because it really takes the relationship to a more intimate level and allows for a more enjoyable time together. I am the kinda guy who would spend hours imagining what my girl and I can do in different situations and scenarios. I can be thinking of taking a romantic, laughter-filled stroll in a park and the next moment, im thinking about climbing up a tree with her and talking about how life with 7 kids will be like in a red treehouse.

Romance is about boldly and unashamedly stating your appreciation for your woman through thoughts, words and actions. There are millions of ideas out there on being romantic. Flowers, seranading her, throwing her into a bed of flowers or giving her a vial of your blood/cranberry juice etc. I personally like to make do with a nice touch from an imaginative mind. I find that it can really spice up my relationships. A common problem that I see in general is that when someone does something “romantic” and doesn’t get anything back, they feel unappreciated and a little resentful.

A helpful mental shift would be to do something romantic for a woman AFTER she has proven that she is worth all that effort. A very alarming majority of guys tend to make that big move BEFORE she has earned it, so that he can sort of BRIBE her into making a bigger commitment towards the relationship. I can’t deny that BRIBERY might work, hell, humans are all selfish, in my opinion, everyone has a price. But I think REWARDING is a far more powerful thing. And it also feels better to reward. Do it not because you want her to do something in return, do it because of the way she makes you feel. It’d do both you and your woman a lot of good.

My point is, when it comes to rewarding a woman, I find that it would be a great idea to put more thought, love and romance into the reward. It wouldn’t hurt to surprise her with a bouquet of random plants that you picked up from the bushes around your place before she drops by with dinner for 2. It wouldn’t hurt to write her a nice hand-written note with her nickname and unique(mine usually turns out ugly, but i try) looking drawing and just drop it into her handbag. This is what they mean when they say “it’s the thought that counts”.

You know what the best part of all this is? It encourages her to be an even better lover for you. Win-Win for everyone!

Love a lil’ louder today!


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3 responses to “Romance : A Useful Ally In Seduction

  1. Amen to that bro.

  2. Xavier,I have learnt more from your blog than I have from 99% of ebooks out there.

  3. @Sengz : amen!

    @ MvP : thanks bro, glad you took something from it :-)

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